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This answer describes how to move point to the next or previous heading.

I would like to move point to the next or previous heading, which is one level higher up the tree (at the parent level).

For example:

* One
** OneA
** OneB []
** OneC
* Two

If point is the [], I would like to move point to * One or * Two immediately.

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C-c C-u runs the command outline-up-heading, which moves up to the parent heading. C-c C-f runs the command org-forward-same-level, which moves forward to the next heading at the same level. You can mix and match as you like to get what you need.

C-c C-j runs the command org-goto, which provides a general interface for quickly navigating through all headings.

This is explained in the orgmode manual, along with other related commands.

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As the other answer on that post points out, org-mode is built on top of outline-mode, so you have access to all of the outline motion commands. According to the manual, you can use:

C-c C-f Move point to the next visible heading line at the same level as the one point is on (outline-forward-same-level).

C-c C-b Move point to the previous visible heading line at the same level (outline-backward-same-level).

C-c C-u Move point up to a lower-level (more inclusive) visible heading line (outline-up-heading).

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