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I have the following checklist in org-mode:

* Delete data for problem days [0/4]
- [ ] task 1 
- [ ] task 2
- [ ] task 3
- [ ] task 4

Is there a command for quickly tagging one of these items as done? I'd like to end up with

* Delete data for problem days [1/4]
- [X] task 1 
- [ ] task 2
- [ ] task 3
- [ ] task 4
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Have a look at the org-mode manual node on "Checkboxes". I found this page with a web search for "org checkbox". – Dan Feb 25 at 16:51
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As with many things in Org mode, C-c C-c is context sensitive and does what you want it to do.

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You can also use ,, in normal state if you are using the vim mode.

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This question was edited not to be spacemacs or evil-mode specific, so I'm going to accept the general answer, but this is very helpful and is actually what answered my original question! :) – JuanCaicedo Feb 25 at 21:15

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