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Top new questions this week:

Tangle Org file containing #+INCLUDE directives and multiple tangle targets

Context I'm using org-babel-tangle to generate my configuration from an Org file config.org. Recently, I did some clean-up by dispatching config.org to multiple Org files config/*.org; replace the ...

org-mode org-export org-babel  
asked by Firmin Martin 3 votes
answered by NickD 1 vote

Convert orgmode to Rmd

As the title says, I have an orgmode file I have been using with ess and exporting to TeX which has been going very well. However, I need to now export to html for reasons out of my control, and was ...

org-babel r markdown  
asked by HaoZeke 2 votes

Display summary information on command when running Meta-x

Since I'm new to GNU Emacs (version 26.1 running on Debian Stable) I'd like to get some information when invoking a command using Meta-x. Currently I'm only able to see a list of possible completions ...

completion commands help m-x  
asked by n0542344 2 votes
answered by Firmin Martin 2 votes

Why does use-package considers "emacs" as a package?

In the use-package documentation https://github.com/jwiegley/use-package#diminishing-and-delighting-minor-modes there is an example that considers emacs as a package(i.e (use-package emacs)) Usually ...

asked by Talespin_Kit 2 votes
answered by Fran Burstall 4 votes

Open a wildcard-link directly rather than through dired

In Org mode, when I open a link (C-c C-o) to a file such as file:something.pdf, the file is opened with my system PDF viewer. However, if the link contains a wildcard, such as file:3_o*.pdf, Emacs ...

org-mode dired org-link wildcard  
asked by Xerus 2 votes
answered by Zeta 2 votes

Some commands in init.el don't run on startup, but others seem to run fine

I am having a very weird issue with my init.el file. At startup, some of the commands in it run fine (so I know Emacs is able to pick the correct file), but others only run when I manually load the ...

asked by cauthon14 2 votes
answered by Tyler 3 votes

Cannot bind Meta + Shift + Character

I am not able to bind Meta + Shift + any character. I do not experience these problems with other key combinations (such as Control + Shift + Key). Below is the specific case that I cannot get to work:...

asked by jloow 2 votes
answered by Drew 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I display line numbers in emacs (not in the mode line)?

I know how to display line numbers (and columns) in the mode-line, but I'd like emacs to display the line numbers for all the lines on the left-hand side. I've seen this done in vim and other text ...

line-numbers linum-mode  
asked by Luke Shimkus 38 votes
answered by Maciej Goszczycki 44 votes

Can emacs support go to declaration of function in an entire project?

Does emacs have a function or library that can allow the user to go to the function declaration even if it was defined in another file? If so, what languages is there support for? The inspiration ...

project ide  
asked by user2522280 12 votes
answered by Tu Do 15 votes

What are the major features planned for GNU Emacs 25?

I attempted to install Emacs 24.4 through homebrew with the following command: brew install emacs --HEAD --use-git-head --cocoa --with-gnutls It ended up installing (a development build toward what ...

asked by Connor 36 votes
answered by Drew 66 votes

How to quickly copy/move file in Emacs Dired?

In Dired mode, I can m mark files and R to move them to a destination. Some times the destination path is too long. With the destination open in a split window, is there a way to move files quicker? ...

asked by Nick 53 votes
answered by Nsukami _ 73 votes

Completely disable all auto-indentation

How do I completely disable all auto-indentation in Emacs? I need to disable it at least for Fundamental mode, but I'm fine with it being disabled globally for the current session. Please read the ...

indentation clipboard  
asked by Mr Fooz 19 votes
answered by Gilles 'SO- stop being evil' 22 votes

Why can't I list the contents of Desktop on macos using dired?

When I do C-x C-f on ~/Desktop/ in macos Catalina, I get the following error. Listing directory failed but 'access-file' worked I can list the directory for just ~. I'm new to Emacs and know little ...

dired osx desktop  
asked by Nabi Yang 14 votes
answered by Nabi Yang 18 votes

How to set a short-cut for #+BEGIN_SRC #+END_SRC?

I read the org-mode manual but did not find a short cut to insert: #+BEGIN_SRC #+END_SRC I guess I need to create a configuration in ~/.emacs to set a shortcut? Or, is there a shortcut but I did ...

asked by Xianwen Chen 18 votes
answered by Lorem Ipsum 24 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Autocomplete when editing file links

When I insert a link into an org-file using C-c C-l (Doom Emacs, if that matters) and select file:, it show me the files in the current directory to autocomplete from. However, when editing such a ...

org-mode key-bindings org-link doom  
asked by Xerus 1 vote

Scheduling in Org mode without using mouse or track pad

I'm scheduling items according to instructions here: https://orgmode.org/manual/Inserting-deadline_002fschedule.html#Inserting-deadline_002fschedule I have pain in my hands that is exacerbated ...

org-mode mouse  
asked by Bert Munger 1 vote
answered by Bert Munger 0 votes

Regular expressions tool example explanation

Reading the section regular expressions in EmacsWiki appears this: You can use a tool to construct regexps. For example, you can use ‘rx’ like this: (rx (or (and "\*" (*? anything) "*/&...

regular-expressions rx  
asked by nephewtom 1 vote
answered by xuchunyang 0 votes
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