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Top new questions this week:

How to trace the evaluation of all forms in the body of an Elisp function

When working with bash scripts, when something is not behaving the way you want it to, you can add a set -x and the next time you run the script you can see the methods and the sub methods being ...

asked by american-ninja-warrior 4 votes
answered by Drew 5 votes

How to break out of a dolist loop?

Is it possible to break out of a dolist loop? if not, are there alternatives to dolist that don't involve a while loop and indexing a list?

asked by ideasman42 2 votes
answered by lawlist 5 votes

Unable to bind keys `M-[` and `M-]`

I'm trying to bind M-[ and M-] to the following functions (courtesy of Xah Lee): (defun xah-forward-block (&optional n) "Move cursor beginning of next text block. A text block is separated by ...

asked by Ivan Huang 2 votes
answered by Tobias 5 votes

How to prevent Emacs from moving my mouse pointer out of the way?

I'm using Spacemacs on MS Windows (msys2 build) and when a tooltip pops up Emacs seems to move my mouse pointer out of the way. How can I prevent this automatic movement?

mouse tooltip  
asked by Daniel Hill 2 votes
answered by fpiper 2 votes

Eliminate org capture message

How can I disable the persistent message on an org capture buffer that says? Capture buffer. Finish `C-c', Refile `C-w', abort `C-k'. A similar message is displayed when entering a source block. ...

asked by Aquaactress 2 votes
answered by NickD 2 votes

Chronos cannot speak French

I changed chronos-text-to-speech-notify acording to https://github.com/dxknight/chronos/issues/2. My Chronos config includes this: (setq chronos-text-to-speech-program-parameters "-s 50 -k 1 ...

asked by gigiair 2 votes
answered by phils 1 vote

What's the idiomatic way of overriding a key binding for a given major-mode (but no other)?

I'd like to bind C-x C-e to python-shell-send-region when I am in python major-mode. In my config file, I have an add-hook for python mode, but I'd like this keybinding override to be ...

key-bindings python major-mode  
asked by user247243 2 votes
answered by Drew 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Keeping my .org files in sync across multiple computers

How can I keep my .org files up to date across several computers, perhaps across multiple platforms(linux/windows)? I could keep all the .org files in git for example, but that would require me to ...

asked by Zavior 35 votes
answered by razcampagne 10 votes

How to set up elpy to use python3?

When setting up my emacs for a new work environment, I am unable to get the elpy configuration to correctly use python 3. I have installed all of the required packages in /usr/local/bin and have ...

python osx ipython elpy  
asked by adam 20 votes
answered by ChillarAnand 15 votes

How do I create a new directory from within ranger?

I have recently moved from dired to ranger. While using it on a regular work day, I noticed there isn't any command for creating a new directory. Is there a workaround or am I missing something?

asked by myTerminal 4 votes
answered by icarus 4 votes

How to easily cherry pick with magit?

I've been using magit for a few months now and I like it a lot. But one thing I still do it in a terminal is cherry picking. What is a simple way to do this?

asked by caisah 40 votes
answered by tarsius 31 votes

How to treat underscore as part of the word?

I use Emacs + evil mode. When I position the cursor on e (in normal state) in a chunk of text such as abc_def_ghi, ciw (change inner word) changes only the def part of the string, while Vim would ...

evil syntax syntax-table  
asked by Kossak 33 votes
answered by Dan 26 votes

What's the difference between a buffer, a file, a window, and a frame?

When posing questions on this site, people sometimes talk about "windows" when they mean "frames," and "buffers" or "files" when they mean "windows." So: Q: What is the difference between a buffer, ...

buffers window frames files  
asked by Dan 28 votes
answered by Dan 32 votes

Change a branch's upstream with Magit

When you push a branch with Magit (with P P) and the branch has no upstream, Magit asks you the name of the branch you want to push to. That's great. Once you set the upstream for a branch, however, ...

magit git  
asked by Malabarba 47 votes
answered by tarsius 60 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Choose where org-agenda-tree-to-indirect-buffer window opens

If I have an org file open: +----------------------------------------+ | | | | | ...

org-mode org-agenda window-splitting  
asked by ngm 1 vote

How to disable stack with flycheck for Haskell?

I'm on nixos and due to stack's integration with Nix/Nixos the following command is very slow: time stack ghc ghc: no input files Usage: For basic information, try the `--help' option. stack ghc ...

flycheck haskell-mode  
asked by Chris Stryczynski 1 vote
answered by Chris Stryczynski 0 votes

Random freezes with `error in process filter: Quit`

I'm getting random freezes with the error message: error in process filter: Quit. I'm using tramp-mode with emacs 26.1 on macOS. It seems to maybe be linked to typing symbol characters like %, $, etc. ...

asked by Nicholas Yang 1 vote
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