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Top new questions this week:

Is there a way to get proper "breadcrumbs" behavior in emacs?

I want something that I figured would be pretty basic, what with all the fancy mark-ring and all, but I can't find a way to get. I want a global (i.e. across files) no-nonsense "breadcrumbs" behavior ...

bookmarks navigation breadcrumbs  
asked by Jonathan Sahar 4 votes
answered by Drew 2 votes

Defining #+setupfile: programmatically

I have a project under git which allows this #+BEGIN_SRC emacs-lisp (expand-file-name (car (project-roots (project-current)))) #+END_SRC to find my project root automatically. Now I want to use ...

asked by Picaud Vincent 4 votes
answered by Picaud Vincent 2 votes

Sort Chinese Characters in Emacs

Is there a ready-made function that sorts Chinese characters (by pinyin or stroke number) in Emacs in an org-table or line by line in regular text? If not, how should one go about writing such ...

fonts org-table sorting  
asked by Sati 3 votes
answered by chen bin 3 votes

How can I find corresponding balanced parentheses?

I have this LaTeX code: \caption{Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet: foo), bar), baz) and qux) consectetuer adipiscing elit.} I want to put a marker immediately before the first { and one immediately after ...

motion sexp delimiters  
asked by Onner Irotsab 3 votes
answered by Drew -1 votes

Using tramp and ESS-mode, how can I get the R interpreter to execute locally?

I use tramp to edit R files on a remote server. When I evaluate R code within ESS-mode, it starts an R interpreter on the remote machine. However, at the moment ssh -X to the server does not work, so ...

tramp ess x11  
asked by cfgauss 2 votes

RCS Version Control on Tramp Mode

Began using RCS Version Control within Emacs with no problem while locally, but having dificulty on Tramp mode, once it says: Debugger entered--Lisp error: (error "This file is already registered") ...

tramp version-control  
asked by Waldemar22 2 votes

Unquoting a variable name (to implement variable pointers)

I know that if I have a variable with a function name, I can call it using funcall, like this (setq func-ref 'my-func) (funcall func-ref) I am wondering if there's a similar functionality for ...

quote symbols  
asked by Tohiko 1 vote
answered by wasamasa 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to set the default font size?

I find myself consistently zooming out (C-x C--) in every buffer that I am using in order to see more lines of code that I'm working on. Is there a way to set the zoom level in my .emacs, not ...

asked by aepound 13 votes
answered by Drew 8 votes

How do I get the current major mode?

If I am editing a .tex file in emacs, by default (for me) the bottom right corner of the frame will say "LaTeX/P". However, I won't get to that mode by typing "M-x LaTeX/P-mode"; I can only get to it ...

asked by john smith 33 votes
answered by phils 45 votes

How to treat underscore as part of the word?

I use Emacs + evil mode. When I position the cursor on e (in normal state) in a chunk of text such as abc_def_ghi, ciw (change inner word) changes only the def part of the string, while Vim would ...

evil syntax syntax-table  
asked by Kossak 34 votes
answered by Dan 28 votes

How to switch between windows quickly?

How do I switch between windows quickly? I often have multiple windows open and need to switch between them. Right now, I use C-x o to get to the one I want. Is there a more efficient workflow ...

window cycling navigation  
asked by Sibi 100 votes
answered by abo-abo 69 votes

Change a branch's upstream with Magit

When you push a branch with Magit (with P P) and the branch has no upstream, Magit asks you the name of the branch you want to push to. That's great. Once you set the upstream for a branch, however, ...

magit git  
asked by Malabarba 49 votes
answered by tarsius 64 votes

How do I prevent extremely long lines making Emacs slow?

I see hugely varied performance depending on how many newlines there are in the file I'm visiting. Here's an example. I have two JSON files: $ wget ...

line-break performance  
asked by Wilfred Hughes 80 votes
answered by Jorgen Schäfer 57 votes

Tree-based directory browser?

I love dired, but sometimes (particularly when filming screencasts) I want to see the tree-structure of a directory and its children, a la the tree(1) command. Is there a tree-oriented directory ...

dired directories  
asked by Avdi 40 votes
answered by kmicu 24 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Manually installed pdf-tools breaks package handling because it is not recognized as a dependency

The situation is: I install pdf-tools manually and load it with the following snippet: (use-package pdf-tools :pin manual :load-path "my/load/path/to/the/git/repo/lisp" :config ...

package use-package pdf-tools  
asked by Public Image Ltd. 1 vote

how to open a file without using Ivy

Under most operations, when I open a file with C-x C-f Ivy pops up my narrowing list at the bottom and its great. However, I have a current situation when I'd like to open a file on a remote host in ...

find-file ivy  
asked by Vince W. 1 vote

Function `cd` not working correctly in conjunction with `tramp` and `compile`

For context I am looking at a remote file; for example: /ssh:desktop:/home/user/project/src/file.cpp. I then issue the interactive command compile like so: cd /ssh:desktop:/home/user/project/Release ...

tramp files environment compile  
asked by John DeBord 1 vote
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