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Top new questions this week:

Using `ls' Switches Instead of Omit Mode

As per this page An alternative to using Omit mode: Use C-u s to change the ls switches and immediately refresh. (C-u s refreshes also, so there is very little typing involved.) You can remove -a ...

dired dired-omit-mode  
user avatar asked by zeynel Score of 1
user avatar answered by Drew Score of 1

How to make :q, in spacemacs' evil mode, kill the buffer and delete the window, but not kill Emacs?

How can I make :q in spacemacs' evil mode, kill the buffer and delete the window, but not kill Emacs? Coming from VI, the habit of closing with :q/:wq or ZZ/ZQ doesn't translate very well into Emacs. ...

spacemacs evil window kill-buffer  
user avatar asked by Lockszmith Score of 1
user avatar answered by dalanicolai Score of 1

Org Mode: Produce Result Block when indirectly calling src block as dependency

Consider the following org mode document: #+NAME: source #+BEGIN_SRC python :cache yes import random return random.randint(3, 300) #+END_SRC #+RESULTS[2314024a531aeb3c9e51cd69e45adf654927e9fa]: ...

org-mode org-babel  
user avatar asked by Keozon Score of 1

Adding docstring outside function declaration

I have an emacs function with a long docstring. Could I make the docstring separate from the function, adding it before or after the function declaration? And is it possible to append to a docstring ...

user avatar asked by Ephram Score of 1
user avatar answered by whitetrillium Score of 1

Setting filename for saving buffer

I am using the following function workbench. How may I resolve the error if: Wrong type argument: sequencep, 1 when calling M-x workbench? With backtrace I get Debugger entered--Lisp error: (wrong-...

user avatar asked by Ephram Score of 1
user avatar answered by Fran Burstall Score of 1

how to find out what various fringe indicators mean?

I recently upgraded to emacs 28, and did some fiddling with my configuration (because configuring emacs is, after all, a lifestyle...) and now I have fringe indicators and I don't know what they mean. ...

user avatar asked by Dan Drake Score of 1
user avatar answered by lawlist Score of 2

Org-mode how to write addr block and export to pdf correctly

Try to get a kind of letter with the sender on left side and the receiver on right side. I can use "indent to" that's ok in Emacs but when exporting to html or pdf the indentation characters ...

org-export odt  
user avatar asked by whitetrillium Score of 1
user avatar answered by whitetrillium Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Suitability of Emacs as a Java development IDE

I'm making yet another attempt to convert over to Emacs. I'm a decent Vi user but have been using Eclipse for most of my development work for the past 10+ years (has it been that long). So I did some ...

java ide  
user avatar asked by user1172468 Score of 23
user avatar answered by itsjeyd Score of 20

package-initialize: wrong type argument : arrayp , nil

while going through the emacs as a c/c++ editor , I came across the following lines of code to include in my ~/.emacs file, to connect to melpa archives for package installation (require 'package) (...

package start-up  
user avatar asked by lazarus Score of 33
user avatar answered by shosti Score of 43

"cannot set terminal process group" error when running bash script

I have the following two lines of code in my init.el file: (setq shell-file-name "bash") (setq shell-command-switch "-ic") I tried executing the following script to get a list of executables using ...

shell-command bash  
user avatar asked by wdkrnls Score of 16
user avatar answered by jch Score of 12

org-mode: How to export underscore as underscore instead of highlight in HTML?

I am using org-mode, and the document I am writing has a table name whose name looks like this: tab_weekly_report. When I export the document to HTML, I expect the name to exported as ...

org-mode org-export  
user avatar asked by Daniel Wu Score of 32
user avatar answered by Melioratus Score of 28

How to use pdf-tools (pdf-view-mode) in emacs?

pdf-tools includes pdf-view-mode which offers several features not present in doc-view-mode (see end of question). Can pdf-view-mode be used as a replacement for doc-view-mode generally, or does it ...

org-mode gnus pdf pdf-tools  
user avatar asked by brittAnderson Score of 30
user avatar answered by Tyler Score of 45

How to maximize my Emacs frame on start-up?

Is there a way to maximize my window on start-up? Currently, I hit Control++Up on my keyboard but it is very bothersome to do that every time. I am using Emacs 24.4 on Ubuntu 12.04.

user avatar asked by programking Score of 89
user avatar answered by Scott Weldon Score of 107

How do I install GnuTLS for Emacs 25.1 on Windows?

I just upgraded Emacs on my Windows 10 machine from 24.5 to 25.1. For Emacs 24.5 I had GnuTLS correctly setup and for 25.1 I did what I thought I remembered I did: Got prebuilt Emacs binaries from ...

microsoft-windows gnutls  
user avatar asked by Omar Score of 22
user avatar answered by Omar Score of 31

Can you answer this question?

Is it possible to edit and execute DB stored procedures?

Emacs 27.1 PostgreSQL 9.6 In my java project I use plv8 scripts (stored procedures). To edit and execute them I use external db client - DBeaver - https://dbeaver.io/ OK - it works just fine. But the ...

user avatar asked by a_subscriber Score of 1
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