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Top new questions this week:

How to get a window in a corner of the frame

Is there a built-in function to return a window in a particular corner of a frame (e.g., lower-left, upper-left, upper-right, lower-right). The following is a first draft to locate the lower-left ...

window window-splitting selected-window  
asked by lawlist 3 votes
answered by Phil Hudson 0 votes

AUCTeX + CDLaTeX pair insertion

I think CDLaTeX might be causing problems with this. If I disable electric-pair-mode and use AUCteX’s built-in completion, auto-completion of pairs such as \[\] works as expected unless I have CDLaTeX ...

latex auctex  
asked by dperrin 2 votes

Cube root in elisp

How do I take cube roots in emacs lisp? I thought of using fractional exponents like $8^{1/3} = 2$ but I didn't know how to write y as a fraction in (expt x y)

asked by zeynel 2 votes
answered by db48x 4 votes

How to go to the beginning of a selection?

I selected a large region by going to the beginning line and hit C-SPC (currently mapped to cua-set-mark), and then moving to the end of the buffer with M-S->. Now for some reason, I want to get ...

asked by tinlyx 1 vote
answered by aadcg 2 votes

Specify arbitrary attributes for code blocks and keep them when converting with pandoc

Markdown and its different flavours have a number of interesting extensions, notably the [hl_lines attribute][0], which allows to highlight specific lines in a fenced code block, as illustrated here ...

org-mode org-export org-babel pandoc  
asked by harabat 1 vote
answered by harabat 0 votes

Error running timer: (void-function helm-completion--flex-transform-pattern)

Since a recent packages update (and still with the latest helm version 20220114), (almost) each time I try to use helm-for-files, I get the following error: Error running timer: (void-function helm-...

helm helm-for-files  
asked by Denis Bitouzé 1 vote
answered by NickD 1 vote

text-properties: How to add a face + additional face attributes

In this scenario, there exists one or more faces for a particular condition named "foo". When the condition changes to the name of "bar", the goal is to add an additional face ...

asked by lawlist 1 vote
answered by Drew 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Tree-based directory browser?

I love dired, but sometimes (particularly when filming screencasts) I want to see the tree-structure of a directory and its children, a la the tree(1) command. Is there a tree-oriented directory ...

dired directories  
asked by Avdi 46 votes
answered by kmicu 25 votes

org-mode , export , how to 'force' newline on lines between paragraphs?

I have an org-mode file, some sub-sections have some big paragraphs. When I export as html the whole paragraphs are displayed as single lines. I understand that I have to put a '\\' on every line, a ...

org-mode org-export newlines  
asked by xMris 22 votes
answered by nichijou 29 votes

How do I set a different location for the dot emacs .emacs file on Windows 7?

I am using a Windows 7 computer and do not have administrator access. Therefore I can not place a dot emacs file in the root directory. Is there a way for me to specify a different location for ...

init-file microsoft-windows  
asked by Startec 19 votes
answered by glucas 5 votes

How to proceed on package.el signature check failure

I just tried to install ascii-art-to-unicode from the gnu repository (http://elpa.gnu.org/) via list-packages. I get the following error: package--check-signature: Failed to verify signature ...

package package-repositories  
asked by Tom Regner 57 votes
answered by joe_maya 48 votes

How to quickly copy/move file in Emacs Dired?

In Dired mode, I can m mark files and R to move them to a destination. Some times the destination path is too long. With the destination open in a split window, is there a way to move files quicker? ...

asked by Nick 60 votes
answered by Nsukami _ 87 votes

Edit file with super-user rights

When you have to edit system files, it's an usual situation that you launched Emacs with a normal user before, so the file will be write-protected. What can I do to gain root privileges? I mean ...

dired files sudo  
asked by smonff 91 votes
answered by artagnon 111 votes

Emacs won't load theme on startup

I've installed the solarized theme package via MELPA. I can select one of the two solarized themes via `customize-theme and it activates it. When I save the theme settings it adds the following to my ...

init-file themes  
asked by user2249626 28 votes
answered by Łukasz Gruner 27 votes

Can you answer this question?

isend: Why additional C-RET required when sending code to ansi-term?

The following code (from here) allows to send lines of code to an open *ansi-term* buffer via C-RET. It works, well, but the very first time I hit C-RET, the current line is not sent (nothing happens)....

key-bindings ansi-term isend  
asked by Marius Hofert 1 vote
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