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Top new questions this week:

Why can't I use rg (ripgrep) in an Org mode source block?

I have the following source block in my Org mode file: #+begin_src sh :results output exec 2>&1 mkdir -p /tmp/example && cd /tmp/example echo "hello" > world rg --...

org-mode org-babel ripgrep  
asked by Zeta 1 vote
answered by Zeta 4 votes

Define setupfile in emacs init for org file

I use setupfile to export org file to pdf. It basically define latex header and footer (my letterhead template). I include it in every org document like this #+SETUPFILE: c:/SETUPFILE Though there ...

org-mode org-export latex latex-header  
asked by Vaibhav 1 vote
answered by Tyler 0 votes

Org-mode: changing temporarily font size for LaTeX export

I need to change the font size of part of my text (actually mostly to fit a table, which might be an extra-step). Following a org-mode discussion somewhere, I have tried the following, which does not ...

asked by Trad Dog 1 vote
answered by NickD 1 vote

Omit files in a certain directory

I'm trying to omit html files from a certain directory when using dired. For all directories I could do it like so; (setq dired-omit-files "\\.html$") I only want to hide html files from my ...

dired dired-omit-mode  
asked by map7 1 vote
answered by NickD 3 votes

Emacs from an alias/function

uname -a Linux antixbox 4.9.235-antix.1-amd64-smp #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Sep 14 19:26:52 EEST 2020 x86_64 GNU/Linux emacs --version GNU Emacs 27.1 echo $SHELL /usr/bin/zsh I'm trying to get the ...

asked by duke 1 vote
answered by Aleksandr Vinokurov 0 votes

Why are threads not used much in emacs packages?

Is there some drawback in their current implementation which makes using them less appealing?

asked by Tom 1 vote

Prevent term from asking me which shell to use

I want to use /bin/bash as default shell for term avoiding it to ask me every time. Is this possible?

ansi-term term terminal  
asked by Francesco Cadei 1 vote
answered by Tyler 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What's the Magit equivalent of 'git add'?

What is the Magit equivalent of git add [--intent-to-add] <filename> for checking a newly created file into Git?

magit git  
asked by feoh 49 votes
answered by tarsius 56 votes

How to exclude files from Projectile?

I am using the helm-projectile setup from prelude and it has been a huge improvement to my workflow. The only remaining issue are auto-generated files (e.g. generated by CMake) which show up during ...

asked by Beginner 50 votes
answered by Iqbal Ansari 45 votes

Prebuilt Ubuntu Emacs "25.1"

Where can I find pre-built Emacs for what Ubuntu calls emacs 25.1?

linux ubuntu emacs25 binary  
asked by turbopape 26 votes
answered by Manuel Uberti 22 votes

Add change to a previous commit with Magit

I have 2 commits, A then B, ready to be pushed. I realize I forgot to add something in A. How can I add this change to A using Magit? I don't even know which part of the Git documentation I should ...

magit git  
asked by Mathieu Marques 53 votes
answered by tarsius 90 votes

How to make a dot match a newline

Often I need to use regular expressions to match strings across multiple lines. In python and other languages, it's possible to ask that dots match newlines (as opposed to the default behavior). Is it ...

regular-expressions newlines  
asked by erjoalgo 7 votes
answered by Trebor Rude 5 votes

How to maximize my Emacs frame on start-up?

Is there a way to maximize my window on start-up? Currently, I hit Control++Up on my keyboard but it is very bothersome to do that every time. I am using Emacs 24.4 on Ubuntu 12.04.

asked by Luke Shimkus 80 votes
answered by Scott Weldon 91 votes

How to treat underscore as part of the word?

I use Emacs + evil mode. When I position the cursor on e (in normal state) in a chunk of text such as abc_def_ghi, ciw (change inner word) changes only the def part of the string, while Vim would ...

evil syntax syntax-table  
asked by Kossak 39 votes
answered by Dan 31 votes

Can you answer these questions?

dired-quick-sort - sort by name not working

Linux Mint 20.1 Emacs 26.3 In folder temp I have some files. Here is what it looks like (sort by name) in file manager Nemo Sort by name: how.build.txt is first. Nice. Now same folder in dired mode ...

asked by a_subscriber 1 vote

Using conditionals in theme

I use a custom theme that sets the mode line as header line, but I'd like to make this conditional on the value of the variable set-bespoke-header-line. However, I have no real understanding of how ...

themes elisp-macros conditionals  
asked by mclear 1 vote

improve ivy's completions

When I do M-x package install, (with a space between the words) I get: I'd like the "package-install" option to be prioritized over "package-menu-mark-install". What can I do to ...

completion ivy  
asked by WickedJargon 1 vote
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