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Top new questions this week:

Plain ordered list keystrokes do not work

The keystrokes M-up, M-down, M-RET etc. do not work as described in the manual in an ordered list, but they change all the plain list into an unordered list. What could have happened? Emacs v.26.3 ...

org-mode keystrokes  
user avatar asked by Marcello Score of 1

Presenting Python function arguments in minibuffer for selection

I have written a Python function that takes a string input and performs a semantic search in my org-roam-directory and outputs the results in the following format after 2 seconds of computation: [{'...

python minibuffer doom  
user avatar asked by user39819 Score of 1
user avatar answered by dalanicolai Score of 1

link(URI) to emacs org mode section

Instead of links in org mode to external applications, what I want is links to org mode sections. I hope that open emacs://org/id/<uuid> in a browser will open emacs(GUI) and jump to the heading ...

user avatar asked by Tokubara Score of 1
user avatar answered by Tianshu Wang Score of 3

Alt+(left/right) arrow doesn't indent in Org mode anymore

I just installed Arch (Arcolinux) and everything works fine except emacs which refuses indentation in Org mode files with the Alt-left-arrow (M-<left>)or the Alt-right-arrow (M-<right>) ...

org-mode key-bindings  
user avatar asked by XunilMC Score of 1
user avatar answered by NickD Score of 0

How to define display-buffer-alist, to keep every buffer in the frame it is currently?

I work with different Emacs frames on the same desktop. When I run compile Emacs splits the current frame and creates a clone of the buffer *compilation*, although the compilation buffer is already ...

buffers frames  
user avatar asked by ceving Score of 1
user avatar answered by d125q Score of 2

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Suitability of Emacs as a Java development IDE

I'm making yet another attempt to convert over to Emacs. I'm a decent Vi user but have been using Eclipse for most of my development work for the past 10+ years (has it been that long). So I did some ...

java ide  
user avatar asked by user1172468 Score of 23
user avatar answered by itsjeyd Score of 20

How to override major mode bindings

Sometimes my global keybindings are overridden by a major mode. An easy example is the following setting in my init file (global-set-key (kbd "C-j") 'newline-and-indent) But annoyingly this ...

key-bindings major-mode keymap minor-mode  
user avatar asked by nispio Score of 51
user avatar answered by Kaushal Modi Score of 49

How to force a Python shell to re-import modules when running a buffer?

I'm using C-c C-c to send a buffer to a Python shell. The buffer has an import at the beginning. I found that if I modify the module I'm importing, it doesn't reflect the changes if I run the buffer ...

user avatar asked by El Diego Efe Score of 9
user avatar answered by politza Score of 10

How to change the cursor type and color?

I would like to change the cursor, like in Terminal, from the block to the I-Beam cursor. From this: To this: How would I do this? Also, on a side note, how do I change the color of the cursor?

cursor customize  
user avatar asked by programking Score of 40
user avatar answered by programking Score of 54

How to switch between windows quickly?

How do I switch between windows quickly? I often have multiple windows open and need to switch between them. Right now, I use C-x o to get to the one I want. Is there a more efficient workflow ...

window cycling navigation  
user avatar asked by Sibi Score of 118
user avatar answered by abo-abo Score of 77

How to set up elpy to use python3?

When setting up my emacs for a new work environment, I am unable to get the elpy configuration to correctly use python 3. I have installed all of the required packages in /usr/local/bin and have ...

python osx ipython elpy  
user avatar asked by adam Score of 38
user avatar answered by Chillar Anand Score of 25

How to pretty-format code (auto-insert newlines, indent, etc)?

I'm using spacemacs but presumably it's emacs knowledge that's required here. I have a JSON file with a single long line, let's say this JSON from json.org/example: {"menu": {"id": "file", "value": "...

indentation spacemacs  
user avatar asked by Emmanuel Touzery Score of 38
user avatar answered by Kaushal Modi Score of 16
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