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Top new questions this week:

How can I disable company-mode in a shell when it is remote?

I am using (global-company-mode 1) but using remote shell it is annoyingly slow. How can I disable company mode when I open a shell buffer, but only if it's a remote shell? The problem manifests ...

shell company-mode  
asked by phoxd 2 votes
answered by Jordon Biondo 1 vote

init.el and trampling of custom-set-variables

My new init.el uses require to load various settings that I have organised into directories and files. This is an attempt to tame what was a very large and messy init.el and custom.el file. Also I ...

init-file customize defcustom setq  
asked by Phil 2 votes
answered by Drew 0 votes

magit refresh is too slow

We're talking tens of seconds. In comparison, git status in the same repo is nearly instantaneous. Here is my profiling result on refresh: - command-execute ...

asked by Gauthier 2 votes

Magit: Howto create a new commit ignoring white-space differences

I'm using magit 20191128.39 on Emacs 26.3 When changing a python script resulting in a new unstaged change, git/magit should ignore whitespace-differences. A git diff -w will do the trick, but I'd ...

magit git  
asked by Ralf Zerres 1 vote
answered by Jordon Biondo 1 vote

How to pass bash commands from a script to terminal?

Let's say I have a bash script. Is there a way I can pass specific lines or blocks in the script to terminal process in EMACS? Just like how we do for R script using command C-c R

shell ess ansi-term bash  
asked by Veera 1 vote

Keep ivy-initial-inputs-alist nil after counsel loaded

I want to keep the alist ivy-initial-inputs-alist nil after ivy and counsel are loaded. Therefore, I have the following configuration: (use-package ivy :ensure t :config ;; some keybindings ...

variables ivy  
asked by Firmin Martin 1 vote
answered by Prgrm.celeritas 1 vote

How can I add a name to prefixes?

My current config looks like this: (use-package general :ensure t :config (general-define-key :states '(normal visual insert emacs) :prefix "SPC" :non-normal-prefix "C-SPC" ...

asked by user26613 1 vote
answered by Hubisan 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Synchronize packages between different machines

I use emacs in different places and I want to have a similar setup and packages installed everywhere. I guess I can use a version control repository for the setup files. Since I use Prelude, that ...

init-file package version-control  
asked by El Diego Efe 57 votes
answered by Sigma 49 votes

How do I switch buffers quickly?

In vanilla Emacs, I have to do C-x b and then manually type out the buffer name to switch. If I forget the name of the buffer, I have to hit TAB to list possible completions. Is there anything I can ...

key-bindings buffers cycling  
asked by nixeagle 70 votes
answered by Nsukami _ 50 votes

How do you create a robust Python IDE with Emacs (as the Text editor)

Emacs is an excellent editor - however it is said "to program you first need an IDE" - so how would you build an IDE in the extensively customizable Emacs for PYTHON with all the features of modern ...

asked by Serial Exchangist 58 votes
answered by Jorgen Schäfer 58 votes

Multicolumn cells in org-mode tables

Is it possible to merge two or more cells in an org-mode table like when using \multicolumn{}{}{} or \multirow{}{}{} in LaTeX? Something like this does not work: ...

org-mode org-table  
asked by Tymric 35 votes
answered by deprecated 27 votes

How do I display line numbers in emacs (not in the mode line)?

I know how to display line numbers (and columns) in the mode-line, but I'd like emacs to display the line numbers for all the lines on the left-hand side. I've seen this done in vim and other text ...

line-numbers linum-mode  
asked by Luke Shimkus 29 votes
answered by Maciej Goszczycki 34 votes

Emacs won't load theme on startup

I've installed the solarized theme package via MELPA. I can select one of the two solarized themes via `customize-theme and it activates it. When I save the theme settings it adds the following to my ...

init-file themes  
asked by user2249626 21 votes
answered by Ɓukasz Gruner 22 votes

How do I get a fancier mode line that uses solid colors and triangles?

People occasionally post screenshots with modelines that have solid colors and triangles: How do I replicate this effect?

mode-line powerline  
asked by Tikhon Jelvis 96 votes
answered by Malabarba 81 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Associate (and save) macro with current file (+/- evil spacemacs)

I often record macros very specific to the file I am editing. Is there a way to make a macro working only with a specific file ? Then save the macro and load it when the file is opened again ? By ...

asked by pietrodito 1 vote

How to prevent undo steps being freed while undoing?

As I understand it, undo operations (namely undo and undo-only) are regular Emacs operations which add to the undo history. An issue with this is undoing adds to the size of the undo data, which ...

asked by ideasman42 1 vote
answered by ideasman42 0 votes

Native data compression in emacs?

Is it possible to compress data (an Elisp string for example) using Emacs (without calling 3rd-party commands)? I noticed Emacs uses zlib, but I only found zlib-decompress-region.

asked by ideasman42 1 vote
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