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Top new questions this week:

remove overlay "if any character within the overlay is changed"

I have this example function: (defun enumerate-foo () (interactive) (save-excursion (let ((counter 0)) (goto-char (point-min)) (while (search-forward-regexp "\\<foo\\>&...

user avatar asked by Gabriele Nicolardi Score of 2
user avatar answered by dalanicolai Score of 0

magit search in buffer, only file names, not contents?

If I run M-x magit I see a big list of staged and unstaged file paths. I want to search through the list of file names, using my usual Emacs command of C-s (isearch-forward). But in this magit buffer ...

user avatar asked by Rob N Score of 2

update org-mode inline image after image file modified

I have a image displayed as inline image in org-mode. I would expect after the image file modified by others, emacs detect such modify and refresh the buffer to show the updated image. How can I make ...

org-mode images  
user avatar asked by lucky1928 Score of 1
user avatar answered by NickD Score of 1

Store and recover expansion state within org mode

I realize that this question has been asked before, many times, (How to save expansion state of org-file?, as well as org-mode: go back from sparse tree to previous visibility), but, it does seem to ...

user avatar asked by B2Pi Score of 1
user avatar answered by dalanicolai Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Change a branch's upstream with Magit

When you push a branch with Magit (with P P) and the branch has no upstream, Magit asks you the name of the branch you want to push to. That's great. Once you set the upstream for a branch, however, ...

magit git  
user avatar asked by Malabarba Score of 57
user avatar answered by tarsius Score of 81

Org-mode 9: unable to eval code-blocks

My Emacs config lives inside of a .org file from which I tangle source blocks to a .el file. I could evaluate source blocks with C-c C-c Today I updated to org-mode version 9 from org elpa and now ...

org-mode org-babel eval tangle  
user avatar asked by rrogg Score of 45
user avatar answered by erikstokes Score of 47

Emacs won't load theme on startup

I've installed the solarized theme package via MELPA. I can select one of the two solarized themes via `customize-theme and it activates it. When I save the theme settings it adds the following to my ...

init-file themes  
user avatar asked by user2249626 Score of 35
user avatar answered by Ɓukasz Gruner Score of 32

How to Restore File System Access in macOS Catalina

I updated to macOS Catalina which requires the user through pop-ups to allow any app trying to access the file system for the first time. No such pop-up is appearing for Emacs. Running the script ...

user avatar asked by wsaleem Score of 113
user avatar answered by Chris Score of 198

Multicolumn cells in org-mode tables

Is it possible to merge two or more cells in an org-mode table like when using \multicolumn{}{}{} or \multirow{}{}{} in LaTeX? Something like this does not work: |------------+-----------+----------+...

org-mode org-table table  
user avatar asked by Tymric Score of 43
user avatar answered by deprecated Score of 33

Magit split hunk into two hunks

There's a question on SO about splitting hunks using magit, and the two solutions given are to either stage the region (mark a region, hit stage), or to shrink/grow all hunks using + & -. That's ...

user avatar asked by Squidly Score of 51
user avatar answered by tarsius Score of 43

How to start emacs with a custom user-emacs-directory

I'm working on a custom and small Emacs configuration that I want to share with some friends as a git repository for them to use as a baseline for their own future configurations. For this I need ...

user avatar asked by Mattias Bengtsson Score of 76
user avatar answered by Gavin Score of 5
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