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Top new questions this week:

What is the difference between C-x and C-c and the concept behind it?

I was asking a similar question about the main concept behind default emacs key bindings. But this one is more specific to C-c and C-x. I know and use some commands/functions/features bind to C-c or C-...

key-bindings prefix-keys  
asked by buhtz 3 votes
answered by phils 6 votes

How does eldoc (>= 1.1.0) display arguments in the mode-line during eval-expression

I am unable to determine how eldoc is displaying arguments (or other information) in the mode-line while eval-expression is reading user input in the minibuffer. I could not find a relevant element in ...

mode-line minibuffer eldoc  
asked by tarsius 2 votes
answered by memeplex 2 votes

Recalculate All Org-Mode Tables at Once Ending with Summary Table

Suppose I'm creating a Christmas list and tracking the gifts I am getting for people using org-tables. I have a named table for each group of people I am getting gifts for. These tables contains ...

org-mode org-table formula  
asked by dylanjm 2 votes
answered by NickD 2 votes

What's this `slot-missing: Invalid slot name: "#<forge-database forge-database-156f3376b4d8>", :file`

I somehow messed up my magit/forge db, and now emacs won't forgive me. Now I can't open magit's status buffer, and sometimes not even a file buffer opens. This is all I can gather from the Messages ...

magit debugging sqlite forge  
asked by philsf 2 votes

Find out where "Text is read only" coming from

My workflow involves converting a huge generated org-mode document that is created in a read only buffer and is automatically put together. When trying to export it to latex, sporadically I get the &...

debugging error-handling  
asked by fakedrake 2 votes
answered by fakedrake 2 votes

`while` is hanging

(defun test (n) (let ((list1 ())) (while (< (length list1) 10)) (push (random n) list1) list1)) I'm trying to add (random n) to list1 while the length of list1 is ...

asked by zeynel 1 vote
answered by Drew 3 votes

Can't change keybinding in prolog-mode

I have the following code that is launched on Emacs startup: (defun my-prolog-mode () (define-key prolog-mode-map (kbd "M-a") 'pop-tag-mark)) (eval-after-load "prolog-mode" '(my-...

asked by user4035 1 vote
answered by Tyler 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I set a different location for the dot emacs .emacs file on Windows 7?

I am using a Windows 7 computer and do not have administrator access. Therefore I can not place a dot emacs file in the root directory. Is there a way for me to specify a different location for ...

init-file microsoft-windows  
asked by Startec 19 votes
answered by glucas 5 votes

Finder of MacOS Catalina cannot open a file with Emacs

After upgrading to macOS Catalina, Emacs (v26.3 from GNU Emacs for Mac OS X) works very strange. Without Emacs already running, Finder can open a file with Emacs as usual. But once Emacs.app is ...

asked by Masso Chailly 11 votes
answered by Lawrence 1 vote

How do I prevent extremely long lines making Emacs slow?

I see hugely varied performance depending on how many newlines there are in the file I'm visiting. Here's an example. I have two JSON files: $ wget https://github.com/Wilfred/ReVo-utilities/blob/...

performance line-break so-long  
asked by Wilfred Hughes 95 votes
answered by Jorgen Schäfer 64 votes

Exporting from org-mode to markdown

The emacs functions mentioned in the docs don't seem to exist in my org version 7.9.3f. http://orgmode.org/manual/Markdown-export.html Any idea how I can get org-mode to export to markdown for me ...

asked by Alex Baranosky 30 votes
answered by Uwe Koloska 24 votes

How to start Emacs without the cmd.exe window (on MS Windows)?

It says emacs/bin/emacs.exe. If it's not necesarily useful, I'd like to stop it from starting with emacs. The extra window is messing me up a bit.

microsoft-windows start-up  
asked by Evan Adler 18 votes
answered by Ryan 32 votes

Emacs and command line $PATH disagreements on OSX

Having some issues with PATH settings on Emacs that are affecting my Haskell environment: I'm using ZSH, and when I go to the command line and call echo $PATH, it returns: /Users/g/Library/Haskell/...

osx shell path haskell-mode  
asked by Galder Zamarreño 25 votes
answered by Galder Zamarreño 10 votes

How to set the default font size?

I find myself consistently zooming out (C-x C--) in every buffer that I am using in order to see more lines of code that I'm working on. Is there a way to set the zoom level in my .emacs, not ...

asked by aepound 15 votes
answered by Drew 10 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Indicate line number thresold

How can I have a ruler displayed on a specific linenumber e.g. 20? Similar to M-x ruler-mode though for lines/rows instead of columns

asked by jjk 1 vote

Loading hi-lock patterns from .emacs or custom .el file

I'm trying to add syntax highlighting to specific file extensions (for example .foo). I can't have the Hi-lock patterns in the source code because I shouldn't be committing them. Is there a way of ...

init-file hi-lock  
asked by Programmer756 1 vote

How can I write holiday list to a file?

In Emacs I can evaluate the following to get a list of holidays: (list-holidays 2020 2021) But I need to have the list written to a file. I have tried this: (progn (list-holidays 2020 2021) (write-...

asked by Sofia 1 vote
answered by lawlist 0 votes
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