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Top new questions this week:

sin of pi radians

I'm computing sin of pi radians in emacs using this function: #+begin_src emacs-lisp :eval never-export :exports both (sin pi) #+end_src #+RESULTS: : 1.2246467991473532e-16 The manual docs mentions ...

asked by Sibi 6 votes
answered by Sūrya Siddhānta 18 votes

How do I use an advice to change the definition of goto-char within a function?

Suppose a third-party plugin contains the following function: (defun example-function () (interactive) ;; ... do many things ... (goto-char (point-max)) ;; ... do many things ... (goto-char (...

asked by Flux 4 votes
answered by phils 3 votes

How to copy the content of the source block at point to the kill ring?

Suppose you're in org mode and working with source code. Your point is currently inside a source block at some random position. Is there an easy way to copy the body of source block (excluding #+...

asked by Paxsali 3 votes
answered by NickD 1 vote

What is the difference between these two lists?

I'm reading An Introduction to Programming in Emacs Lisp by Robert J. Chassell. When the book is introducing setcar, it points out that when we use this function to a list, the list should be ...

asked by Lluvio Liu 3 votes
answered by Lindydancer 1 vote

What difference does it make changing the order of arguments to 'append'

I want to understand the implications of append's property that "All arguments except the last one are copied, so none of the arguments is altered." (from the Elisp manual) Say I have a list ...

asked by Arch Stanton 3 votes
answered by db48x 4 votes

How to font-lock only strings and comments (syntactic font-locking)?

I generally want font-locking only for comments and strings. This would seem easy to do: customize the relevant font lock faces to make them identical to default. That unfortunately is not ...

asked by Augusto 2 votes

GNUS says sending email failed, but mail was sent [Unable to open server nnimap]

I have tried solve this for many many hours ;( macOS 11.1, Emacs 27.1 (brew), Gnus 5.13, msmtp 1.8.14 (brew) I use GNUS to read maildir that is synced using mbsync. I can read mail using GNUS but ...

gnus email imap  
asked by kboortz 1 vote
answered by AnFi 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I use emacs with git within the terminal?

I've used git config --global core.editor emacs to set my git editor as emacs but when I do that and commit something the editor opens up a new window instead of opening emacs within the terminal. I ...

asked by Lib101 12 votes
answered by db48x 24 votes

How do I display line numbers in emacs (not in the mode line)?

I know how to display line numbers (and columns) in the mode-line, but I'd like emacs to display the line numbers for all the lines on the left-hand side. I've seen this done in vim and other text ...

line-numbers linum-mode  
asked by Luke Shimkus 38 votes
answered by Maciej Goszczycki 44 votes

How can I set default font in Emacs?

I can't set Inconsolata as default font in Emacs 24.4 Linux. I changed the font in the menu -> Save options. The font changed but after a restart the font is the same as it was by default. Added ...

fonts linux  
asked by Maglight 38 votes
answered by Harvey 34 votes

How do I switch buffers quickly?

In vanilla Emacs, I have to do C-x b and then manually type out the buffer name to switch. If I forget the name of the buffer, I have to hit TAB to list possible completions. Is there anything I can ...

key-bindings buffers cycling  
asked by nixeagle 75 votes
answered by Nsukami _ 55 votes

Using Emacs as a full-featured C/C++ IDE

I have been trying off and on for over a year now to use Emacs as a C/C++ IDE. I have only been marginally successful thus far, but have run into a few brick walls along the way. Currently I am ...

debugging compilation ide cedet c++  
asked by nispio 53 votes
answered by shosti 27 votes

How to migrate Markdown files to Emacs org mode format

I've got hundreds of personal notes stored as files in Markdown format, after several years using the VoodooPad personal wiki software for OS X. There's plenty of information available for exporting ...

org-mode markdown  
asked by Steve HHH 43 votes
answered by user2619203 38 votes

How to get intelligent auto-completion in C++?

Emacs cannot compete with another other IDE if it doesn’t have an auto completion function. Auto-complete simply makes me a more efficient programmer. I know of the Auto Complete Mode extension, but ...

c++ completion  
asked by Luke Shimkus 48 votes
answered by Guillaume Papin 46 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Workflow to collect TODO notes from various files into an org agenda

I often want to add TODO notes inside of my latex files I am currently working on or inside of other source code files scattered around in my filesystem. The problem with this is that those TODO notes ...

org-mode todo  
asked by student 1 vote

How to disable magit on remote files with tramp?

I'm working with Emacs on windows, I usually work locally, but I want to disable magit when I'm working on a remote file. I'm trying to add a hook that disables magit when it detects that the file is ...

magit tramp  
asked by Fabman 1 vote
answered by phils 0 votes

How to Place Multiple Columns Under A Single Column in Org-mode?

I am trying to reproduce the table in the image below in Org-mode. How do I go about doing it? Whenever I try to have multiple columns (the 'Trial' ones) under a single column (Time), Org-mode inserts ...

org-mode spacemacs latex  
asked by abtoiew 1 vote
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