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Top new questions this week:

Org Src Block does not return any output

While writing this question I found a solution/reason to it not working. Since I spent quite some time on it, I thought I'd still post it. Hey there! I'm relatively new to emacs and org mode ...

org-mode org-babel shell  
asked by laaast 3 votes
answered by Firmin Martin 3 votes

org capture at point as sibling of heading

org 9.2 used to support this feature. when (org-capture 0), it used to place the selected template entry as a sibling of heading at point. in org 9.3 however, it fully respects the heading level ...

org-mode org-capture  
asked by Joann Morris 2 votes

list-packages hangs when contacting melpa

I'm running Emacs 26.3 on Linux Mint 20. I am using paradox, but this also happens when I use the vanilla Emacs packages interface. When I call list-packages, the Paradox Menu section of the mode line ...

package package-repositories list-packages  
asked by MTS 2 votes
answered by MTS 2 votes

How to refresh org file programatically

I am using spacemacs-light theme in Emacs and love it. In my spacemacs-light theme, some org-files open with bullets not hidden though. In those cases I go to the top of the file and hit C-c C-c to ...

org-mode save-excursion  
asked by Ugur 2 votes
answered by Dan 5 votes

Is it possible suppress save message for undo-tree?

When I save my any file I am working on I always see following message, I believe this is related to my unto-tree configuration. Wrote ...

message undo-tree-mode  
asked by alper 1 vote
answered by lawlist 0 votes

Show one todo tree with two different states

Hi I would like to make this function show a tree with headings in NEXT and WAITING status. (defun show-NEXT-in-subtree () "Narrow to a subtree and show only headings with NEXT and ...

asked by breathe_in_breathe_out 1 vote
answered by NickD 2 votes

Why does calling `term-send-backspace` create a newline in `term-mode`?

Specs: i@debord:~$ /bin/bash --version GNU bash, version 4.4.20(1)-release (x86_64-pc-linux-gnu) Copyright (C) 2016 Free Software Foundation, Inc. License GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3 or later ...

process term newlines term-mode call-process  
asked by John DeBord 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Org-mode 9: unable to eval code-blocks

My Emacs config lives inside of a .org file from which I tangle source blocks to a .el file. I could evaluate source blocks with C-c C-c Today I updated to org-mode version 9 from org elpa and now ...

org-mode org-babel eval tangle  
asked by rrogg 45 votes
answered by erikstokes 44 votes

What is the difference between Aquamacs and other Mac versions of Emacs?

Macintosh users have several choices of pre-built Emacs. I am aware of the following versions: YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu's version David Caldwell's version Vincent Goulet's version David Reitter's ...

osx aquamacs  
asked by Eric Brown 103 votes
answered by davidswelt 23 votes

Weird shell output when using IPython 5

I just upgraded to the latest version of IPython and now something is wrong when using it in emacs. When using it in a regular terminal it works fine (colors, tab-completion, etc.), however either ...

shell eshell ipython  
asked by Literal 40 votes
answered by Ricardo Lima 45 votes

Advantages of setting variables with setq instead of custom.el?

I see a lot of people (extension authors and others) give configuration examples with setq: (setq foo 'bar) These parameters are often defined with defcustom, making them available for ...

elisp init-file custom  
asked by J David Smith 74 votes
answered by Drew 92 votes

How can I get a ruler at column 80?

As a programmer, I want to see a ruler at a specific column (usually 80), both so I see when I cross that column, but also to see how close I am getting to it so I can reformat my code early. The ...

display font-lock programming  
asked by Jorgen Schäfer 91 votes
answered by sanityinc 41 votes

How to convert DOS/Windows newline characters to Unix format within GNU Emacs?

Is there a way to tell GNU Emacs to convert DOS/Windows newline characters in a file to Unix format?

asked by Charo 43 votes
answered by Gilles 'SO- stop being evil' 51 votes

Exporting from org-mode to markdown

The emacs functions mentioned in the docs don't seem to exist in my org version 7.9.3f. http://orgmode.org/manual/Markdown-export.html Any idea how I can get org-mode to export to markdown for me ...

asked by Alex Baranosky 23 votes
answered by Uwe Koloska 20 votes

Can you answer these questions?

org-agenda case-insensitive tag search?

I use C-c a m to search for a tag, but the search is case-sensitive. By example if I enter gnuplot, only section B will be found * section A :Gnuplot: * section B :gnuplot: Question: is it ...

org-mode org-agenda  
asked by Picaud Vincent 1 vote

How to embed Ibus preedit text into Emacs?

I'd like to ask is it possible to totally embed Ibus preedit text into the Emacs windows? In my Ibus Preferences, I did tick the option "Embed preedit text in application window", however, ...

asked by Trung Ta 1 vote
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