Is there any command which let me observe output of async-called process (just like M-x compile), but does not try to parse output buffer?

Background: for quite a lot of non-compilation tasks (hg push, python some_sample_script, unzip big_file.zip and much more...) I tend to prefer

M-x compile «command»

to both

M-! «command»


M-! «command» &

The reason is simple: M-x compile does not block Emacs, let me observe command progress in a buffer (including PgUp/PgDn and search), always leaves output in solid non-disappearing buffer even if output happens to be short and can be safely C-x k in case of problems.

There is one problem, though: compilation parses command output, what brings unneeded coloring, sometimes causes confusing navigation, and - what is worst - introduces performance penalty on long outputs.

So, is there anything what would spawn process exactly as M-x compile, but leave output buffer as plain text?

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M-& Runs async-shell-command


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