I want a single .emacs but one that branches depending on whether -nw was in the argument list. (open in terminal [no window mode])

I.e, in gui mode I'd like all my usual features. In terminal I want it to load only the bare necessities for fast loading.

I looked at the command-line-args variable, but that var doesn't have flags.

Alternativley I've been considering not loading my regular init and load a custom terminal instead:
emacs -q -l "terminal_Config.el"
But if possible, I'd prefer to be able to tell if -nw was specified.


Check the variable window-system or the function display-graphic-p. Either will give you nil if you run Emacs with -nw.


window-system is a variable defined in `C source code'. Its value is x It is a terminal-local variable; global value is the same.

Documentation: Name of window system through which the selected frame is displayed. The value is a symbol: nil for a termcap frame (a character-only terminal), 'x' for an Emacs frame that is really an X window, 'w32' for an Emacs frame that is a window on MS-Windows display, 'ns' for an Emacs frame on a GNUstep or Macintosh Cocoa display, 'pc' for a direct-write MS-DOS frame.

Use of this variable as a boolean is deprecated. Instead, use display-graphic-p' or any of the otherdisplay-*-p' predicates which report frame's specific UI-related capabilities.


(display-graphic-p &optional DISPLAY)

Return non-nil if DISPLAY is a graphic display. Graphical displays are those which are capable of displaying several frames and several different fonts at once. This is true for displays that use a window system such as X, and false for text-only terminals. DISPLAY can be a display name, a frame, or nil (meaning the selected frame's display).

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