I've been using the Emacs Multi-Media System and it works pretty well, but one thing i can't figure out how to do is sort by AlbumArtist. This is important, because i have many compilation albums and soundtracks.

Is there a way to sort the music browser by AlbumArtist(defaulting to Artist if the file lacks an AlbumArtist tag)? (btw, i am using libtag because the default tag reader didn't work right on some of my files)


This post offers a partial solution to your problem. Note that it does not do a sort by AlbumArtist (hence the "partial"), but it does deal with compilation albums in the browser in a sane way.

You will want to modify emms-browser-get-track-field-function, whose doctstring reads:


*A function to get an element from a track. Change this to customize the way data is organized in the browser. For example, emms-browser-get-track-field-use-directory-name uses the directory name to determine the artist. This means that soundtracks, compilations and so on don't populate the artist view with lots of 1-track elements.

Now, emms-browser-get-track-field-use-directory-name itself is undocumented (a lot of emms is like this, unfortunately). You can either try to use the built-in function as suggested by:

(setq emms-browser-get-track-field-function

I found the built-in function unsatisfactory for reasons I can't recall (it's been a while since I looked at the source code). Instead, I rolled my own, which you're free to use/modify as you see fit:

(defun dan-emms-get-artist-from-path (track)
  "Identify artist name from directory name directly below
default directory."
  (let* ((path  (emms-track-get track 'name))
         (base  (expand-file-name emms-source-file-default-directory))
         (trunc (substring path (length base))))
    (car (split-string trunc "/"))))

(defun dan-emms-get-track-field (track type)
  "Sort artists by directory name in EMMS browser (avoids the
compilation albums propagating orphans in the list)."
  (if (eq type 'info-artist)
      (dan-emms-get-artist-from-path track)
    (emms-track-get track type "misc")))

;; make compilations follow from the directory name (no orphans)
(setq emms-browser-get-track-field-function

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