If I create the following in an org-mode buffer:

* one
** two
** three

then move point to the line containing "two" and do C-c C-c spam <RET>, I get this:

* one
** two                                                                :spam:
** three

Why all that whitespace between "two" and ":spam:"? Can I stop org-mode from inserting it somehow?

  • I believe the default keybinding for tag is C-c C-q?
    – Jason
    Feb 21, 2020 at 12:14

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The variable org-tags-column controls the distance of tags at the end of the heading. To have just one space, the original poster may wish to consider using:

(setq org-tags-column 0)

To apply the changes on an existing org file, use C-u C-c C-q

The doc-string for org-tags-column, which can be seen by typing M-x describe-variable RET org-tags-column RET states as follows:

"The column to which tags should be indented in a headline. If this number is positive, it specifies the column. If it is negative, it means that the tags should be flushright to that column. For example, -80 works well for a normal 80 character screen. When 0, place tags directly after headline text, with only one space in between."

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