With point over the link here, org-open-at-point jumps to the following line ("ham eggs"):

* spam
** spam [[ham%20eggs][ham eggs]]
** ham eggs

Here however (final line extended), the same action makes emacs prompt No match - create this as a new heading? (y or n) in the minibuffer:

* spam
** spam [[ham%20eggs][ham eggs]]
** ham eggs spam

Is it possible to define links that do a substring search, so that the search would succeed in this case? It certainly is possible when linking to non-org mode files, and I would like to do the same for internal links.


You can set org-link-search-must-match-exact-headline to nil.

(setq org-link-search-must-match-exact-headline nil)

Now this will search the buffer for 'ham eggs' (which does not need to be in a heading.).

* spam [[ham eggs]]
* ham eggs spam

To restrict it to a heading (and an exact match), lead with a '*'.

* spam [[*ham eggs]]
* ham eggs spam

See (info "(org)External links") for more details.

  • After setting org-link-search-must-match-exact-headline, search works as you describe except that leading with a star does not limit to exact matches. Apr 5 '15 at 18:46
  • 2
    Thank you for pointing that out. Leading with a star should work the way I described starting with version 8.3. (A commit from December 2014, 6d691e2aa8e, introduced this change.)
    – Kyle Meyer
    Apr 5 '15 at 20:01

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