When I run emacs24 on my Mac, the keyboard input continues to appear in the terminal instead of in the emacs shell.

I just installed emacs on my Mac using Homebrew. eg

brew install emacs --cocoa
ln -s /opt/boxen/homebrew/Cellar/emacs/24.3/Emacs.app /Applications

Loads a graphical version of emacs. When I mouseover and click things move as expected. But the keyboard does not. eg I can't type anything in and have the cursor respond. Instead the keyboard input remains on the terminal. So if I type right-arrow


Appears in terminal...


I'm not entirely sure what causes this exactly, but the right way to run Emacs is to

$ open /Applications/Emacs.app

You might want to setup an alias for this:

$ alias emacs='open /Applications/Emacs.app --args "$@"'

It looks like homebrew links its emacs binaries outside of the Emacs.app, so that it will probably not work very well in graphical mode. There shouldn't be a problem for running it in console mode though

$ emacs-24.3 -nw 

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