ECB windows display their number: W-0, W-1, etc.

Is there a way to define bindings so that I can get to these windows using bindings such as C-c . w 0, C-c . w 1, rather than using C-c . g d to go to directories, C-c . g s to go to sources?

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Alternatively, is there a way to display the key bindings for the windows in the frame modelines?

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Here's what to do, and how to discover it :)

Navigating to one of these windows, we see that the local value of mode-line-format is:

    (format " W-%d"
 (#(" " 0 1
    (face ecb-mode-line-prefix-face)))
 (#("/Volumes/Home/hodiquey/Projects/git/ecb" 0 39
    (help-echo "Mouse-2 toggles maximizing, mouse-3 displays a popup-menu" face ecb-mode-line-data-face))))

Therefore, ecb-window-in-window-list-number and ecb-canonical-windows-list are the key (and the actual numbers is 1 more than what's displayed)

You can then do something like

(defun my-jump-to-ecb-number (n)
  (interactive "p")
  (let ((winlist (ecb-canonical-windows-list)))
      (assoc (+ n 1)
             (mapcar (lambda (win)
                       (cons (ecb-window-in-window-list-number winlist win)

And use it with something like

(define-key ecb-mode-map (kbd "w 0") (lambda () (interactive) (my-jump-to-ecb-number 0)))

The generic solution would be:

  1. Use describe-key (C-h k) or describe-key-briefly(C-h c) to get the names of the commands invoked by the original bindings:

    • C-h c C-c . g d
    • C-h c C-c . g s
  2. Set up additional bindings for the commands:

    (define-key ecb-mode-map (kbd "w 0") 'goto-dirs)
    (define-key ecb-mode-map (kbd "w 1") 'goto-sources)

    ... where goto-dirs and goto-sources are the names of the commands you obtained in step 1.

  • that wouldn't work too well when switching layouts (which would potentially change the number associated with dirs/sources)
    – Sigma
    Commented Oct 10, 2014 at 22:18

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