I would like to increase my font size, so I used the C-x C-= keybinding, followed by = to further increase the size. However, it stops zooming far too soon, and I realized that I can only cycle through 8 levels of zoom. I can zoom in twice past default and zoom out 5 times past default. Is there a way to increase the zoom range?

Additionally, when I continue trying to zoom (by pressing =) after reaching the max zoom level, I am unable to zoom out (by pressing -) until I press - the same number of times that I pressed =. For example, if at my max zoom level, I push = three times, I must push - three times with no results before I can push - again to zoom out. It seems as if the zoom levels are being recorded, but not rendered.

Here is the command that I am using via C-h k C-x C-=

C-x C-= runs the command text-scale-adjust, which is an interactive
autoloaded compiled Lisp function in `face-remap.el'.

It is bound to C-x C-0, C-x C-=, C-x C--, C-x C-+.

(text-scale-adjust INC)

Adjust the height of the default face by INC.

INC may be passed as a numeric prefix argument.

The actual adjustment made depends on the final component of the
key-binding used to invoke the command, with all modifiers removed:

   +, =   Increase the default face height by one step
   -      Decrease the default face height by one step
   0      Reset the default face height to the global default

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Do you see the same problem when you start Emacs using emacs -Q? I doubt it. If so, and if your Emacs version is recent, report the problem: M-x report-emacs-bug.

If not, then recursively bisect your init file to determine the culprit. You can use command comment-region to comment out a region of text (and with C-u it uncomments a region).

(With emacs -Q, I see virtually no limit on zooming size.)

  • Thanks for the tip, I should have remembered that myself :-) I updated my question, which was related to my desktop-save-mode 1) command.
    – modulitos
    Apr 13, 2015 at 17:18

I believe this is related to a recent OS change (from Ubuntu to Arch), which included an Emacs upgrade from 24.3 to 24.4. I think my .emacs.desktop files were not compatible with this update, and this zoom bug was one effect. My desktop files are used to save my open buffers for each emacs session.

Thanks to @Drew's answer, I found the cause of this issue when commenting out the following line in my config:

(desktop-save-mode 1)

When I comment it out, zooming worked fine. By deleting my old desktop files and creating new ones, I was able to uncomment the desktop-save-mode command again.

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