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Is there a way to do this? Currently, the click events are bound to previous/next buffer, but I would rather like to see a list of all buffers when I click the buffer name. Perhaps, it could make use of a simple OS native context menu similar to the major and minor mode buttons:

OS native context menu

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    Not an answer, but what you ask for doesn't seem particularly useful to me (I typically have 300-600 buffers open). I mean, it's not a kind of info which is easily displayed using drop-down. What if clicking the buffer name instead opened the buffer with the list of all buffers?
    – wvxvw
    Commented Apr 19, 2015 at 19:23
  • Interesting, I never have more than ten buffers open at a time. What is the advantage of having that many buffers open vs., say, using ag to find a particular file?
    – Lenar Hoyt
    Commented Apr 19, 2015 at 19:55
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    Well, it's mostly because they pile up over time... but other than that, there are few operations I use very often from Ibuffer which work on multiple buffers. Plus I keep several shells open and lots of Dired buffers on several machines... but usually about 1/3 of all buffers aren't associated with files: all kinds of shells or buffers which collect process output (logs) etc. Also mail adds a lot of it.
    – wvxvw
    Commented Apr 19, 2015 at 20:49

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Try this:

(define-key mode-line-buffer-identification-keymap [mode-line mouse-3] 'list-buffers)

That does not show buffers whose names begin with a space. If you really want to show all buffers, then try this instead:

(define-key mode-line-buffer-identification-keymap
            [mode-line mouse-3]
            (lambda ()
              (display-buffer (list-buffers-noselect nil (buffer-list)))))

(However, I agree with those who commented that this is a very useful thing to do.)

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