(message "abc\ndef") displays a two line message, while (message-box "%s" "abc\ndef") does not. Can the controlled two line display be replicated in message-box?

Also, M-x customize didn't seem to have a section for customizing the message-box appearance (e.g. different background colors for the OK vs the message). Can message-box's appearance be customized?

Can either of these issues be remedied by going to a pop-up (of some sort, e.g. x-popup-dialog), or some other emacs package?

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  1. No, message-box does not allow that. It simply removes the newline char.

  2. No, there is no customization for message-box.

  3. x-pop-dialog won't help either. It too removes newline chars.

  4. And neither will display-message-or-buffer.

Your best bet is probably to display a buffer that shows whatever complex text you like, and then read user input - either a character or a string. You can use read-char and the like to read a char, and you can use read-from-minibuffer, read-string, completing-read and the like to read a string.

See also variable (option) use-dialog-box.

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