Does emacs support editing odf.odt, that is open document format files? There are some odf2org convertors available like python odt2org.py. On running the command python odt2org.py xyz.odf.odt, it crashes like,

File "/home/sk/src/odt2org/odt2org.py", line 105, in <module>
    _list, _extra = _odtfile.gen_list()
  File "/home/sk/src/odt2org/odtfile.py", line 266, in gen_list
    _list = self.process_tables(_list)
  File "/home/sk/src/odt2org/odtfile.py", line 441, in process_tables
    _txt += _m['text'] + ' '
KeyError: 'text'

so, odf to org mode is the way to go (or) emacs has any plugins for directly loading odt type documents

  • Pandoc can also convert ODT to OrgMode. – Juancho Apr 26 '15 at 14:28

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