I have the following snippet:

# -*- mode: snippet -*-
# contributor: Song Qiang <[email protected]>
# key: m
# group: Math
# name: Inline math \( ... \)
# --

and I want it to be available for both latex-mode and org-mode. How can this be achieved? I could symlink, but I'm trying to find a smarter way.


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The Yasnippet documentation explains that you will need to include a .yas-parents file with the parent modes:

It's very useful to have certain modes share snippets between themselves. To do this, choose a mode subdirectory and place a .yas-parents containing a whitespace-separated list of other mode names. When you reload those modes become parents of the original mode.

|-- c-mode
|   |-- .yas-parents    # contains "cc-mode text-mode"
|   `-- printf
|-- cc-mode
|   |-- for
|   `-- while
|-- java-mode
|   |-- .yas-parents    # contains "cc-mode text-mode"
|   `-- println
`-- text-mode
    |-- email
    `-- time

Hence, you could, for example, put your snippet in a text-mode directory, and then, in the latex-mode and org-mode directories, include a .yas-parents file that include the text text-mode.

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    However, if I have well understood, you can only share entire modes, but not individual snippets across several modes? Commented Jan 16, 2018 at 12:02

A few more approaches for sharing snippets between modes:

  1. Let's say you want certain snippets to be shared in both modes: html-mode & css-mode:

    You need to create a separate folder and give it a unique name like html-css-mode where you put the snippets you want to reuse.

    Once that's done you need to require this virtual mode in html-mode & css-mode folders by creating a .yas-parents file with html-css-mode content matching your virtual mode name.

  2. If your snippet belongs to more that one mode or you're want to take a lazy approach - you can put your snippets into fundamental-mode folder which is available in all modes.

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