I've been following this Emacs+Haskell tutorial and I'm going through the Insertion Commands section.

With Emacs 24.4.1, GHC 7.10.1 and ghc-mod master build, I've managed to get C-u M-t to work, so it generates implementations for both instance Eq ExampleType where and maybeMap :: Maybe a -> (a -> b) -> Maybe b

However, I'm now trying to get maybeMap x f = _maybeMap_body to expand, so I position myself on top of x, then execute M-t but nothing happens. The status bar indicates Nothing to be done.

Any idea what it's wrong here or how to debug it further? Could it be a bug?

NOTE The reason I'm using ghc-mod master is because with updated Cabal 1.22 and GHC 7.8 I was having this issue. Once I updated to GHC 7.10, I was having this other issue, so ended up having to build/install master ghc-mod to get it to work...


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