Whenever I write, in my org-mode file, \footnote{bla bla bla $\whatever_{something}$} I get an error in the .tex file generated.

What it exports to the tex file is \footnote\\{bla bla bla \whatever_{something} \\\} (note the lack of dollar signs), which obviously is not compiled in the right way by latex.

However, if I remove the parentheses around the subscript, i.e.\footnote{bla bla bla $\whatever_s$}, then it is exported correctly.

How can I fix the export?

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    Try wrapping it in #+begin_latex .. #+end_latex or #+begin_src latex .. #+end_src.
    – wvxvw
    Apr 30, 2015 at 23:20

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You can use org-mode's own built-in footnote feature. The default binding to insert a footnote automatically is, C-c C-x f. Here is a MWE of an org-mode file that exports to LaTeX correctly, tested in org-mode v8.2.10.

A sentence[fn:1].

* Footnotes

[fn:1] bla bla bla $\whatever_{something}$

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