Asking this question because it's really hard to Google "emacs customize" and get to the feature.

From the defcustom documentation:

You can specify variables using defcustom so that you and others can then use Emacs’s customize feature to set their values. (You cannot use customize to write function definitions; but you can write defuns in your .emacs file. Indeed, you can write any Lisp expression in your .emacs file.)

The customize feature depends on the defcustom macro. Although you can use defvar or setq for variables that users set, the defcustom macro is designed for the job.

I haven't been able to figure out what "customize" is from this definition.

For completeness I am reading the projectile.el source code where this is used (although I don't really expect the answer to depend on the package).


"customize feature" there should probably be written as "Customize feature" or "the Customize user interface" or some such.

Try M-x customize-option or M-x customize-face or M-x customize.

See the Emacs manual, node Easy Customization.

And remember that the Emacs manual is your friend: C-h r i customize RET takes you to the above part of the manual.

If Projectile is normal then you should be able to use M-x customize-group projectile or M-x customize-option projectile TAB or some such (depending on what Customize group(s) and prefix Projectile has defined).

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