Upon pressing enter inside a newly created block I would like the Emacs to move the ending curly brace an extra newline down, and then indent the cursor. Is this possible?


Before pressing Enter

for i := range x {<cursor>}

After pressing Enter once I get this

for i := range x {

However what I would like to get is this

for i := range x {

I use smartparens for exactly this. It uses sort of a cryptic syntax in the :post-handlers keyword for doing things after you insert a pair and press a button. Here's a pair config to do what you want:

(sp-pair "{" nil :post-handlers '(("||\n[i]" "RET")))

And the relevant documentation on the Github wiki: Pre and Post Action Hooks

  • This was exactly what I was looking for :) I actually already use smartparens (which is the whole reason my cursor ends up in between the curly braces) but must admit I didn't quite get the action hooks. – jsfr May 13 '15 at 13:05

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