I have installed the English ispell dictionary english.hash for using in Emacs, and placed it at C:\Users\espend\AppData\Roaming. When typing M-x ispell-change-dictionary, in Emacs, this English dictionary become available as an option to chose.

In contrast, I am not able to get the Norwegaian dictionary available within Emacs. This dictionary has another name format than the English one, and come in two files, respectively, nb_NO.dic and nb_NO.aff. When these two files are placed at the same location as the English dictionary, they are not available for Emacs by the M-x ispell-change-dictionary command. Hence, I cannot turn to Norwegian spell checking when I need it.

What have I done wrong?
Thanks in advance to those solving this problem for me :)

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Your Norwegian dictionary is for a different spell-checking application. Hunspell (available from ezwinports) should be able to handle those types of file.

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