This weekend I've upgrade from emacs 23 to emacs 24 (with apt-get install emacs24) and that broke some of the regular keybindings.

  • C-x C-o used to trigger tex-latex-block and C-x C-e used to trigger tex-close-latex-block. The Emacs 24 manual states that these keybindings still work (see section 22.10.2), but instead, C-x C-e triggers Environment type and C-x C-o isn't bound to anything. I've tried to get the old keybindings back through M-x global-set-key RET key cmd RET, but I can't get things to work, even when I restart emacs.

  • With Emacs 23, I would use C-c C-f to trigger latex, and then C-c C-c to choose between bibtex, pdflatex, dvips, and ps2pdf (this is useful because, depending on the document I am working on, I might want to run either pdflatex alone or a latex, dvips, ps2pdf sequence). Now, C-c C-f isn't tied to anything, and C-c C-c simply doesn't recognize dvips or ps2pdf at all. Again, trying to get the old keybindings back fails.

So, the question here is, how can I get Emacs behaving the way it used to?

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Many installations of emacs 24 have the AUCTeX package activated in the default set-up. The keybindings you are seeing come from that package, and you should look at its manual instead to find descriptions of them.

If you don't wish to use AUCTeX, then may be you can uninstall it by running list-packages and deleting the package. If not then may be https://stackoverflow.com/q/10573067/4050592 will help you remove the package.

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