I like to view pdf file in a dired buffer using xpdf. The following code in my ~/.emacs works fine for emacs-24. Just hitting "v" launches the xpdf with file (I stipulated xpdf in my ~/.mailcap file).

(autoload 'mailcap-parse-mailcaps "mailcap" nil t)
(autoload 'mm-mailcap-command "mm-decode")
(defadvice dired-view-file (around use-mailcap-mime-data activate)
"Use an external viewer to view a file according to `mailcap-mime-data'."
(unless (let ((file (dired-get-file-for-visit))
extension type command)
(and (not (file-directory-p file))
(setq extension (file-name-extension file)))
(setq type (mailcap-extension-to-mime extension))
(setq command (mailcap-mime-info type))
(setq command (mm-mailcap-command command file nil))
(shell-command command))))

However it stopped working with emacs-25 (emacs- with the error

mm-mailcap-command: Wrong type argument: stringp, doc-view-mode

Of course I can run xpdf via a shell command, but I am curious why emacs-25 does not seem to parse mailcaps. I haven't found any answers on the emacs-devel forums.

  • Just out of curiosity, why would you need to decode a pdf file to open it? Why not just open it directly with the pdf viewer using start-process and dired-get-file-for-visit? I am having difficulty understanding why mailcap, mime, etc. are involved in this scenario ...? None of that mailcap stuff should be needed to open a pdf file.
    – lawlist
    Jun 14, 2015 at 16:43
  • 1
    @lawlist IIUC, he has a general command for opening files which uses mailcap to decide what command to use on each file. It seems to have stopped working specifically on pdfs.
    – Malabarba
    Jun 14, 2015 at 17:45

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What's happening

The reason this is happening is that the mailcap-mime-data variable includes an entry for docview-mode and another for xpdf:

(defvar mailcap-mime-data
     ;; snip
      (viewer . doc-view-mode)
      (type . "application/pdf")
      (test . (eq window-system 'x)))
      (viewer . "xpdf %s")
      (type . "application/pdf")
      ("print" . ,(concat "pdftops %s - | " mailcap-print-command))
      (test . (eq window-system 'x)))
     ;; snip

Both entries are viable on your system, and the function mailcap-viewer-lessp then decides that doc-view-mode is prefereable to xpdf.

However, note how the viewer entry there is a symbol, not a string. Whereas the advice you're using assumes that the viewer is a string (shell-command).

How to fix

One way to work around your problem is to remove the docview entry from mailcap-mime-data (you may also have to remove other non-xpdf entries). But the advice you have might run into the same problem for other file formats.

  • Great. Thanks. The problem is indeed with lisp/gnus/mailcap.el. If lines 155-163 are commented out then the problem goes away. It doesn't effect .ps or .djvu files.
    – m43cap
    Jun 15, 2015 at 12:41

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