In Emacs with cider and lein installed, I can M-x cider-jack-in to start clojure repl. I installed boot and would like to switch from lein to boot. How to set cider to use boot middle ware?

(I don't want to remove leiningen right now.)

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First follow these instructions on the Readme so that boot knows about CIDER.

Boot users can configure the tool to include the middleware automatically in all of their projects using a ~/.boot/profile.boot file like so:

(require 'boot.repl)

(swap! boot.repl/*default-dependencies*
       concat '[[cider/cider-nrepl "0.9.1"]])

(swap! boot.repl/*default-middleware*
       conj 'cider.nrepl/cider-middleware)

Then just invoke cider-jack-in on a project that contains a build.boot file. If this project also has a project.clj file, CIDER will ask you whether you want boot or lein.

  • Create an empty build.boot file in ~/ dir, then each time emacs is started, cider-jack-in works.
    – Nick
    Oct 12, 2015 at 14:49

Just wanted to post an updated version for the answer. You can find all the necessary info about Boot CIDER repl setup here https://github.com/boot-clj/boot/wiki/Cider-REPL . It provides multiple ways to set it up.

An important thing to note is boot parameters setup. To make Cider behave as expected.

(setq cider-boot-parameters "repl -s wait")

Also each project in boot tends to have build.boot file, that serve similar purpose as project.clj

The easiest way to transition is to read https://github.com/boot-clj/boot/wiki/Boot-for-Leiningen-Users , https://juxt.pro/blog/posts/boot-parity.html and try to build a small toy application.


Use cider-connect instead of cider-jack-in

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