I had tried to create my first (private) layer for spacemacs, for the yafolding package. So I had created the ~/.emacs.d/private/yafolding/packages.el file with the following contents:

(setq yafolding-packages

(setq yafolding-excluded-packages '())

(defun yafolding/init-my-package ()
   "Initialize my package"
   (use-package yafolding))

And also enabled this layer in ~/.spacemacs:

  ;; ... 

Now when I start emacs *Messages* lists my private layer as loaded:

Loading c:/Users/ZsBotykai/AppData/Roaming/.emacs.d/private/yafolding/packages.el (source)...done

But as far as I see, yafolding did not get installed (ls ~/.emacs.d/elpa/*yaf*).

What did I miss?

Disclaimer: as you might noticed it: I'm on Windows, with the official GNU Emacs windows binaries, although I'm having cygwin installed just in case (but without cygwin emacs). Also I had enabled other official layers but they were installed properly.

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Instead of (defun yafolding/init-my-package () it should have been (defun yafolding/init-yafolding (), as pointed out in by cpaulik in the official support chat.

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