How can I narrow a buffer to the python class at point?

narrow-to-region works but requires first selecting the class as a region, and it seems python-mode has moved on since this was written:


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Move the cursor the the top of the class and use narrow-to-defun. You can reach the top of the class by using python-nav-backward-up-list.


With erikstokes' answer, I was able to write this, which uses python.el to narrow to the outermost scope regardless of where point is in the class:

(defun my/python-narrow-to-outer-scope ()
        (let ((last-point nil))
            (while (or (null last-point) (/= (point) last-point))
                (setq last-point (point))

Or more specifically narrowing to the 'nearest' opening class definition (nearest moving up the hierarchy of class/def nesting from point):

(defun my/py-statement-opens-base (regexp)
(let ((orig (point))
    (when (and
            (<= (line-beginning-position) orig)(looking-back "^[ \t]*" (line-beginning-position))(looking-at regexp))
        (setq erg (point))))
    (when (called-interactively-p 'any) (message "%s" erg))

(defconst my/py-class-re "[ \t]*\\_<\\(class\\)\\_>[ \n\t]"
"Matches the beginning of a class definition. ")

(defun my/py-statement-opens-class-p ()
"Return `t' if the statement opens a functions or class definition, nil otherwise. "
    (my/py-statement-opens-base my/py-class-re))

(defun my/python-narrow-to-class ()
        (while (not (my/py-statement-opens-class-p))
   (defun py-narrow-to-class ()
      "Make text outside current class invisible. "
        (let ((start (if (py--statement-opens-class-p)
          (narrow-to-region (point) start))))

Meanwhile narrowing of basic forms like this --or block, statement etc.-- is implemented in python-mode.el.

  • I think this depends on python-model.el as opposed to python.el. I'm using the latter because it comes with emacs. Commented Feb 8, 2017 at 19:48

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