i am using cider. I want to do the following: when I finish editing in a source buffer, I want to compile the source and execute it in the repl, all with a single key-binding.

In cider-mode, compiling source can be done by C-c C-k or M-x some-function, so the workflow is basically like this: C-c C-k, C-c C-z (switch to repl buffer), and type and execute my-function. How do I bind all the actions together and popup the repl buffer with results?


The normal way to do this within a session is to record the actions as a keyboard macro, and then bind that macro to a key. You can also save the macro and binding to a file to use it across sessions. The details are provided in the Emacs manual.


Have you tried the already defined shortcut?

C-c M-e

It evaluates the form preceding point and outputs to REPL buffer. See other cider mode shortcuts here.

  • you see: maybe, i am editing namespace a.b, and will execute x.y/z in the repl, so it's not that easy by adding a.b/c in namespace a.b and C-c M-e. – 象嘉道 Jun 24 '15 at 17:33
  • I'm afraid I don't follow you, but did you look at other shortcuts that mode offers. It was developed by the people who developed cider, so I'm sure they have your case covered that I have missed. – Emacs User Jun 24 '15 at 17:43

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