I discovered a short time ago that M-x imenu plays nice with LaTeX documents – mostly. With a master/slave document setup (one file inputs another), imenu will not pick up on the structural elements in the child documents.

Similarly, running M-x imenu on the child document will not pick up on the rest of the document.

Both of these are understandable, but how can imenu be extended to 'do the right thing' here? (Probably making use of TeX-master-file.)

I am using AucTeX, but RefTeX is a bit too heavy-weight for my needs.

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The 3rd party packages imenu-anywhere and helm-imenu provide an imenu over all buffers of the same mode, which will bring you pretty close to a whole-document imenu, provided that you have all parts of the document open in buffers.

For a proper whole document menu, though specifically one that preserves the hierarchy, there's no way other than RefTex. Personally, I think that AUCTeX is no fun without RefTex, and would strongly recommend you to look at it again.

  • Don't get me wrong, I love RefTeX! Would never have gotten through my thesis without it. It's just a bit too heavy for a simple document :) If there's something like reftex-toc that provides something similar to imenu's completion-based interface, that's about what I would like. Jun 25, 2015 at 13:37

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