In Magit buffers, or helm-swoop, an unclosed double quote enables the string highlighting for the rest of the buffer (until another quote is found). This is how it looks like:

enter image description here

Because of that, I also lose the green/red highlighting of added/removed lines in Magit. When I disable the font-lock-mode, everything becomes fine (blue text is not blue anymore, +/- lines are colored).

I could add hooks to disable font-lock-mode in those buffers but it is too much trouble to do that for every buffer. Can I somehow find out what causes the screwup in the first place?

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It turned out that I created a problem myself. I unconditionally enabled rainbow-mode in all buffers, which sets the font-lock-keywords variable.

To discover this I debugged the font-lock-specified-p function which returned t in Magit mode (and it shouldn't). Hope this information helps someone.


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