In Python mode (python.el), I am in the habit of hitting C-j to return and indent properly. However, when I am in an inferior python buffer, this command only inserts a newline and does not indent. Is there any way to get the inferior-python-mode to work more like python-mode in this respect, or maybe even set up auto-indent the way it normally works in ipython? I have read through the documentation for inferior-python-mode, but can't find anything useful. I love using Emacs for Python, but there are a few pain points, and I am having trouble finding good documentation. Thanks in advance for any advice!

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The problem is that newline-and-indent (the function that C-j is bound to) inserts a literal newline then whatever would be inserted by TAB. What you want is to send the current input:

(defun send-input-and-indent ()

Next, bind send-input-and-indent to C-j only when in inferior-python-mode:

(define-key inferior-python-mode-map (kbd "C-j") 'send-input-and-indent)

Put both snippets in your initialization file and you're good to go.

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