I'm trying to write a very simple function to replicate the Vim 'p' command. This is, paste some text after the current line.

I've been googling for a while and haven't found a function to achieve this, which I think it's very strange as I consider this quite handy!

I'm aware of the awesome Evil-mode, but I just require only this functionality to be happy :-)

So far this is what I have:

(defun paste-after-line ()
  (prelude-smart-open-line nil) ;; This function opens a new line below

It works, but if the copied text has a line ending, then the yanked text also adds an empty line below the text and places the cursor there.

Does anyone knows if is there a way to yank some text excluding any new line on it?



There is a wonderful function named delete-blank-lines.

(defun paste-after-line ()
  (move-end-of-line nil)

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