The function eshell-print has some weird behavior, as it only seems to work when called as a part of an eshell process. All other times it throws the error

wrong type arguments: arrayp, nil

Try to execute this function inside the scratch buffer:

(defun test ()
  (eshell-print "Hello world"))


This doesn't run, even without an init file. If you try this, however, it works:

   (insert "test")

Does anyone know why it exhibits this behavior?

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Looking at the eshell code, I think that particular error is a bug.

That said, eshell-print, needs is a place to send its output, and eshell-commands is what gives a location to send output.

So change the code to:

(defun test ()
  (eshell-commands (eshell-print "Hello world")))


And this will print "Hello world" inside the eshell buffer.

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