I am trying to use Jabber to connect to Google Hangouts.

My configuration looks like this:

(setq jabber-account-list '(("[myusername]@gmail.com"
                             (:network-server . "talk.google.com")
                             (:connection-type . ssl))))

When I invoke jabber-connect-all and type in my password, I get the following error message:

[myusername]@gmail.com: connection lost: `exited abnormally with code 1'

How can I fix this?


You probably need to use starttls instead. I use it and it works for me.

(setq jabber-account-list '(("USERNAME@gmail.com/emacs"
                             (:password . ".....")
                             (:network-server . "talk.google.com")
                             (:connection-type . starttls)

I also had to go into my account settings and set up a special password for jabber, but that's because I use 2-factor authentication with Google. When you use 2-factor authentication, your regular password does not work for connecting.

Note that this won't let you do group chats (and obviously not calls), but regular chatting should work.

  • Ah, what a shame; group chat was what I was most hoping for. Still, thank you for your answer! Jul 6 '15 at 21:46

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