There are commands which take multiple inputs. My question is about the possibility of defining a new command which take all the inputs of another command at one time (separated by commas).

As an explicit example, after activating calendar (by M-x calendar), if one executes the command M-x calendar-goto-date, then it asks the year (put 2017), then the Month name (put July), then the day (put 7). It would be nice to give these inputs at one time like 2017,July,7. This is just an example, the question also arises in other situations.

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    For the case of calendar-goto-date, you could redefine the function calendar-read-date, which is the function that actually asks for the values. In general, I think there is no solution that would work for every command; you'd have to do it separately for each command. – legoscia Jul 7 '15 at 15:48

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