Magit's magit-interactive-rebase function handles the Git interactive rebase very well.

But there's one action it seems to be missing. According to git-rebase(1), the four actions during interactive rebase are --continue, --skip, --abort, --edit-todo.

That last one doesn't appear to be available in Magit. How can I tell Magit to:

  • Present the rebase todo document again, for editing. Then
  • Continue on, obeying the edited rebase todo document.

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First update to 2.1.0 which was released a little while ago and brings many improvements in this area. Then...

Rebase sequences are initiated and continued using the rebase popup on r. Depending on whether a sequence is already in progress or not, the popup offers different commands. When a rebase is in progress, then "edit" is one of these commands.

  • @bignose Does this work for you? If so, then please accept the answer.
    – tarsius
    Jul 16, 2015 at 12:30

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