is it possible to define key bindings at one place in an init file? something like:

    '(("C-x M-f" 'fly)
      ("C-x M-k" 'run)

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If you are open to installing a package, give use-package (also available on Melpa) a try, which comes with the bind-key.el library.

With use-package installed, you can do something like below:

  :map MINOR-MODE-MAP ; if this line is removed, bindings happen in `global-map'
                      ; else they happen in MINOR-MODE-MAP
  ("C-x M-f" . fly)
  ("C-x M-k" . run))

There are more variants of bind-keys like bind-key, bind-keys*, bind-key* and even unbind-key. Check out the documentation in the header of bind-key.el to learn more.

The added benefit of using bind-keys (and family) is that you can see a summary of all your personal keybindings currently in effect using M-x describe-personal-keybindings. That will also tell you if you've overridden a pre-bound key using bind-keys (and family).


Yes, of course.

(defun define-key-bindings (bindings &optional keymap)
  (unless keymap (setq keymap  global-map))
  (dolist (bdg  bindings)
    (define-key keymap (kbd (car bdg)) (cadr bdg))))

(define-key-bindings '(("C-x M-f" fly) ("C-x M-k" run)))

(Drop the quote marks before the command names - not needed.)

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