I've been using https://stackoverflow.com/a/17761144/788700 to get multiple major modes in rst-mode. It has been working in Emacs 24.3. However as emacs develops the same code gradually stops working.

Here's emacs-24.3:

enter image description here

as I go from rst-mode chunk to py-mode chunk emacs switches the major mode.

In emacs-24.5 it doesn't work automatically anymore, but one can make emacs to switch mode locally by issuing new line:

enter image description here

(same behaviour in emacs-24.4)

In emacs-25.0.5 it doesn't work at all:

enter image description here

only syntax highlighting works, but modes doesn't switch as I go from one chunk to another.

Here's minimal configuration which reproduces the issue:

  • .emacs:

    (load "~/.emacs.d/misc/nxhtml/autostart.el")
    (require 'mumamo)
    (require 'mumamo-fun)
  • .emacs.d.zip (which contains only nxhtml + defuns from https://stackoverflow.com/a/17761144/788700 in mumamo-fun.el. nxhtml mode site went offline, and author doesn't seem to be present in the Internet)


I am the author of nXhtml. Unfortunately I do not have time to fix this.

If someone want to try to fix it I would be glad to answer questions and support the effort though.

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