I want to go through SICP. I installed Geiser and Chiken scheme

I set the scheme interpreter to be chiken

(setq scheme-program-name "C:/Program Files\ (x86)/Chicken Scheme/bin/csi.exe")

Then I run M-x geiser and choose chicken in the Start Geiser for scheme implementation: menu.

A new window with a new buffer is opened. The buffer is called * Chiken REPL *. But the buffer is empty. No promp no nothing.

Also, when I do M-x run-scheme it tells me Spawning child process: invalid argument.

Can anyone tell me please, how do I setup emacs, geiser, a scheme interpreter to run on windows?

Thanks for your help in advance.

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At a guess, your path to the Scheme implementation may be incorrect. Why do you think you need a backslash there? What do you want to quote/escape with it?

Now, go to *scratch* buffer and evaluate your path. You will see that it may be a bit surprising:

"C:/Program Files\ (x86)/Chicken Scheme/bin/csi.exe" 
"C:/Program Files(x86)/Chicken Scheme/bin/csi.exe"

Escaped space is ignored in Emacs Lisp strings.

I don't remember now what it's called on Windows, but try this:

"C:/Program Files (x86)/Chicken Scheme/bin/csi.exe"

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