Is there a way to select words respecting the case... camelCase, snakeCase...

e.g.: i have a word "trullyAwesomeFunction" and cursor is on "w", is there an Emacs function I could use that would select "Awesome" and then if used again select "trully" and then "Function". and deselect them similarly?

Let's say this function bound to <C-up> I'm gonna have to press <C-up> 3 times to select the entire word. And if it's snake case like: "trully_awesome_function" it would work the similar way.

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Take a look at subword-mode (see manual), a built-in minor mode that makes standard movement and editing commands treat capital letters in camelCaseWords as word boundaries.

For example, you could enable subword-mode and then use the standard mark-word command (M-@) to mark the fragments of "trulyAwesomeFunction" one at a time.

With snake_case, the underscore is already treated as a word boundary by default. In fact there is another minor mode -- superword-mode -- that can be enabled if you want the standard word commands to not treat _ as a boundary.

  • This is truly awesome. Commented Jul 22, 2015 at 18:25
  • Worth noting that subword-mode + mark-word won't behave exactly as described. With point on the w in trulyAwesomeFunction you can mark subwords forward or backward but I don't know a command that would mark Awesome, then extend the region backward, then extend it forward. To do that you could use a sequence like: M-@ M-b C-x C-x M-f. That is: mark the word at point; extend the region back one word; jump to the other end of the region; extend the region forward one word.
    – glucas
    Commented Jul 23, 2015 at 18:13

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