I am using org-journal-mode. I have created .dir-locals.el in my ~/Documents/journal directory and it gets correctly applied if I open a file the usual way. However, if I hit the C-xC-j to add a new entry and the entry is in a new day, the opened buffer does not have the modifications I apply through .dir-locals.el.

Can I make it recognize and process .dir-locals.el for new day journal entry buffers?

My .dir-locals.el:

  (fill-column . 79)
  (show-trailing-whitespace . t)
  (whitespace-style face trailing lines-tail space-before-tab indentation empty)
  (whitespace-newline . t))
  (typo-language . "Czech")
  (typo-mode . t)
  (ispell-local-dictionary . "czech")
  (flyspell-mode . t)
  (whitespace-action warn-read-only auto-cleanup)))

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