When exporting the documentation (HTML or PDF) for a literate program that uses noweb references in blocks, how can I get the output to actually hyperlink the <<noweb_snippet_name>> line (in the parent source code block) to the block named “noweb_snippet_name”?

Or, better yet, how can I make that noweb reference link to an arbitrary part of the exported document? The child block might not be exported, so I would want the reference to link to the discussion of the snippet.

For example:

#+BEGIN_SRC klingon-lisp :noweb tangle :exports code

... /much later in the org file/
* Global variables
Blah blah discussion of variables, blah blah...
| Variable name | Description |

#+NAME: declare_variables
#+BEGIN_SRC klingon-lisp :exports none
(defvar yuQ nil
  "yuQmey chargh tetlh.")

Here, the main program source block is exported, to document the structure of the program. The subsidiary block declare_variables does not need to be included in the export, since the text describes the variables and lists them in a table. Ideally, <<declare_variables>> in the exported main program block would link to the * Global variables header. But I could live with it linking to the declare_variables source block, and having to export that as well.


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