I'm pretty new to emacs (was using Vim), primarily using it for Ruby on Rails projects.

At my free time, I like to write some C code for STM32 micro-controllers.

Unlike RoR project, C project for STM32 contains a lot of external dependencies (includes) outside of project's folder, and there is as good reference documentation, so I have to read source codes a lot.

So, I would like to do C-c p h and find any random file including external dependencies.

I understand, that this task is more complex, than just writing t some variable, but I can't even realize, where can I start the research.

Another problem, that I don't want to hardcode dependencies list into my ~/.emacs.d, it should be project-specific settings.

  • How, precisely, do I determine what external sources are? Will you simply tell Emacs to "search this folder too" or should Emacs detect it automatically from the includes? – PythonNut Aug 3 '15 at 4:13
  • I want just a way to setup an external folder for project manually. Actually, I think, that we may have some project-specific settings in the .projectile fie – Kukunin Aug 3 '15 at 7:47

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