When I start to press keychord binding, after first char it flashes me an error:

symbols value as variable is void: eldoc-mode.

Here is my chord definition:

(key-chord-define-global "ss" 'other-window)

I installed key-chords via melpa with cask, I'm using emacs-nox 24.5.1. Any help will be appreciated, thx.


Something might have changed recently..

This is the offending code in key-chord-mode:

(when eldoc-mode (eldoc-pre-command-refresh-echo-area))

You can work around it my requireing eldoc in your init.el

(require 'eldoc)

What needs to be fixed in key-chord is to check if the variable eldoc-mode is defined before checking it's value.


Is ss bounded to other-window?

Then there is a hook inside other-window function, that hooks up with eldoc-mode? If so, you need to initialize eldoc-mode first.

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