I'm trying to get several plugins all playing nicely: yasnippet, company-mode and ENSIME.

I'm aware of How to make yasnippet and company work nicer? but I was thinking about another, simpler, approach: can I just disable company-mode's TAB altogether?

I use RET to expand completions and I very rarely want to use TAB to select the maximum common matching expression.

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Use C-h M-k (describe-keymap) from help-fns+.el to find out what command company-mode-map (or whatever the mode's keymap is called) binds to TAB.

Then do (define-key company-mode-map THE-COMMAND nil), where THE-COMMAND is that command, to unbind it. (Or use another key sequence in place of nil, to bind it to a different key.)

UPDATE by @fommil:

You'll find that the following will then unbind TAB

(define-key company-active-map 'company-complete-common nil)
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    (define-key company-active-map 'company-complete-common nil) :smile:
    – fommil
    Aug 11, 2015 at 17:01

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