Say we have a CSV in a buffer:


Are there any native Emacs or Markdown-mode built-ins in Emacs that can be used to convert it to a Markdown table? It looks like the syntax is quite different:

| Tables        | Are           | Cool  |
| ------------- |:-------------:| -----:|
| col 3 is      | right-aligned | $1600 |
| col 2 is      | centered      |   $12 |
| zebra stripes | are neat      |    $1 |
  • Would a series of regex replacements work, or do you want something less general? – PythonNut Aug 11 '15 at 17:44
  • An idea: select the region containing the csv content, then M-x org-table-create-or-convert-from-region (to do this org mode should be enabled), in this way you obtain an org-table. Then there is the command M-x org-md-export-as-markdown. I am not sure if this output is the one you would like to obtain. – Name Aug 11 '15 at 18:30

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