I have code for defining org capture like:

(setq org-capture-templates '(((
         "t"               ; key
         "Todo"            ; description
         entry             ; type
         (file+headline "C:/Users/myname/Dropbox/Privat/org/abc.org" "todo"); target
         "* TODO [#B] %^{Todo} \n From: %a\n\n%?"  ; template
         :prepend t        ; properties

This code sends the generated TODO item into the org file abc.org, located at C:/Users/myname/Dropbox/Privat/org/, the target. If I want to change the location of the target to e.g. C:/Users/myname/org/, I could either do this by changing the path description inside the capture code, or better, define a path variable outside capture, telling where org file is located, and using this inside the target description like:

(file+headline "myPathVariable/abc.org" "todo"); target

where myPathVariable = "C:/Users/myname/org".

How do I define such a path variable?

Thanks for all help : )


Are you already familar with the built-in org-directory variable? This is the default directory for org files, and will be used as the base directory for capture templates that specify a relative path.

You could just use (file+headline "abc.org" "todo") and set org-directory as appropriate.


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