With the package projectile, I use projectile-regenate-tags. At the name already says, it regenates the TAGS-table of the current project on the project root.

It works likke a charm. However, I noticed not all files are included, the files with .inc-extension. I would make it so.

A good command for this could be the following:

ctags -f TAGS -e -R --langmap=php:+.inc.foo.bar --list-maps=php

I would like that projectile-regenate-tags use these parameters. When looking up the source code of projectile-regenate-tags, I found the following:

(defun projectile-regenerate-tags ()
"Regenerate the project's [e|g]tags."
(if (boundp 'ggtags-mode)
        (let* ((ggtags-project-root (projectile-project-root))
            (default-directory ggtags-project-root))
        (ggtags-update-tags t)))
    (let* ((project-root (projectile-project-root))
        (tags-exclude (projectile-tags-exclude-patterns))
        (default-directory project-root)
        (tags-file (expand-file-name projectile-tags-file-name))
        (command (format projectile-tags-command tags-file tags-exclude))
        shell-output exit-code)
        (setq exit-code
            (call-process-shell-command command nil (current-buffer))
            shell-output (projectile-trim-string
                            (buffer-substring (point-min) (point-max)))))
    (unless (zerop exit-code)
        (error shell-output))
    (visit-tags-table tags-file))))

Aha, then look up what projectile-tags-command consists of.

(defcustom projectile-tags-command "ctags -Re -f \"%s\" %s"
"The command Projectile's going to use to generate a TAGS file."
:group 'projectile
:type 'string)

So in my init.el, I setted the variable projectile-tags-command to the following:

(setq projectile-tags-command "ctags -Re -f \"%s\" %s --langmap=php:+.inc.foo.bar --list-maps=php")

Evaluated it, and calling projectile-regenate-tags, I still don't get any relevant files with the extension .inc. I still don`t get any relevant files. So perhaps I'm wrong somehwere.

Any good suggestion?


You only want --langmap=php:+.inc and without the --list-maps=php argument. That example (which I've just updated for maximum clarity) was just to show the effect of the --langmap argument, and wouldn't actually generate a TAGS file.

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  • Sorry for bothering you again, now I get it totally, sorry for any inconvenience. – ReneFroger Aug 12 '15 at 20:37

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