I use ergoemacs package from MELPA. I've added the following lines from official manual to my configuration file:

(setq ergoemacs-theme nil)
(setq ergoemacs-keyboard-layout "us")
(require 'ergoemacs-mode)
(ergoemacs-mode 1)

I can work without problems all day, or every minute see the message

Start ergoemacs command loop

which blocks Emacs (C-g has no effect and other keyboard shortcuts too, the only shortcut that works is Alt-F4).

  • Emacs built from source, version 24.5.1
  • OS — Ubuntu 12.04.3
  • Desktop environment — Cinnamon

How to fix the problem?

My latest .emacs here.


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The problem was fixed.

The comments above are asking why ergoemacs-mode reimpliments the command loop. The bug states what the ergoemacs-mode command loop does. It also shows how to turn it off.

As far as low-quality code, I'm unsure what @Mark means by that. However, there are a suite of tests to make sure the functionality is preserved.


I do see the arbitrary nature of the 20 cut-off. I personally don't use this function and agree this is arbitrary. I have updated the master code base to remove this. I should probably look at some of the legacy code and make sure it makes sense.

  • I'm sorry, as I said I haven't read your code, so I was quite careful when I expressed my opinion: "some parts of it may consist of low-quality code". Since you admit that "20 cut-off" is far from good coding practice, I was right, in a way. I didn't want to offend you or question your (or other ergoemacs contributors') skills. Aug 17, 2015 at 19:45
  • I'm not offended. I just wish to make it higher quality. Aug 17, 2015 at 20:45

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