I run Emacs on Mac OSX, I'm trying to switch from Emacs for Mac OSX to Emacs Mac Port.

I use notmuch for email. It works perfectly on Emacs for Mac OSX.

But on Emacs Mac Port, it's prohibitively slow. Also, the message list is messed up, double spaced and with strange boxes:

display irregularities

I'm using the exact same configuration as I do with Emacs for Mac OSX.

What's causing these problems, and how do I fix them?

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The square boxes are caused by the use of SVG images in notmuch-tag-formats. Why SVG images don't work correctly in emacs-mac-port I don't know. You could modify notmuch-tag-formats to avoid their use.

This doesn't explain the slowdown, which I don't see.

  • Current value of notmuch-tag-formats is (("unread" (propertize tag 'face '(:foreground "red"))) ("flagged" (propertize tag 'face '(:foreground "blue")) (notmuch-tag-format-image-data tag (notmuch-tag-star-icon)))). What should I change it to? Aug 20, 2015 at 14:31

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