I would like all my dates in org-mode to be displayed like <Mon 24-Aug 2015>. I found a piece of code that addresses the problem

(setq-default org-display-custom-times t)
(setq org-time-stamp-custom-formats '("<%b %e, %Y>" . "<%b %e, %Y %H:%M>"))

but I'm not sure how to edit it to fit my needs. Any ideas?

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    org-mode recommends placing overlays over the date, rather than changing the date format itself. orgmode.org/manual/Custom-time-format.html -- C-c C-x C-t aka (org-toggle-time-stamp-overlays) The overlays are controlled with the variables set forth in the question above. See the comment of Dan below for additional details regarding formatting the date overlay. – lawlist Aug 24 '15 at 20:22
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    Have a look at the docstring for format-time-string, which will explain your options for the various formatting strings. – Dan Aug 24 '15 at 20:22
(setq-default org-display-custom-times t)
(setq org-time-stamp-custom-formats '("<%a %e-%b %Y>" . "<%a %e-%b %Y %H:%M>"))

Will produce:

<2020-09-14 Mon>


 <2020-09-14 Mon 16:02>

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