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If i select first option it will become


But as the completion candidate is function type, how can i make it to


so that i don't have to manually type parens?

  • Why don't you file a feature request for the author of the Company backend you're using?
    – Dmitry
    Sep 1, 2015 at 20:54

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I'm not very familiar with the innards of Company, but here's how to do it with Ivy (you can re-use some code for Company as well, if you know how):

(defun counsel-jedi ()
  "Python completion at point."
  (let ((bnd (bounds-of-thing-at-point 'symbol)))
    (if bnd
          (setq counsel-completion-beg (car bnd))
          (setq counsel-completion-end (cdr bnd)))
      (setq counsel-completion-beg nil)
      (setq counsel-completion-end nil)))
  (ivy-read "Symbol name: " (jedi:ac-direct-matches)
            :action #'counsel--py-action))

(defun counsel--py-action (symbol)
  "Insert SYMBOL, erasing the previous one."
  (when (stringp symbol)
    (when counsel-completion-beg
    (setq counsel-completion-beg
          (move-marker (make-marker) (point)))
    (insert symbol)
    (setq counsel-completion-end
          (move-marker (make-marker) (point)))
    (when (equal (get-text-property 0 'symbol symbol) "f")
      (insert "()")
      (backward-char 1))))

It will tricky to do this generally since company itself does not care about semantics of completion candidates as such the method to detect the whether a symbol is a function would be backend specific.

You can add a hook to company-completion-finished-hook which inspects the candidate inserted and adds the parens if needed. As an example the following code will work with company-jedi

(defun my-setup-python-mode ()
  ;; Make sure we add to hook locally so that we do not mess up completion in other major-modes
  (add-hook 'company-completion-finished-hook #'my-company-insert-parens-function t))

(defun my-company-insert-parens-function (candidate)
  ;; This part will be different for different backends
  (when (string= (plist-get (text-properties-at 0 candidate) :symbol) "f")
    (insert "()")

(add-hook 'python-mode #'my-setup-python-mode)

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